Going Cruelty Free: Struggles, Successes, and Impact

I love makeup.

The moments that I get to spend in the morning getting ready is my me time. It is my time to relax and get ready for the day. There is just something I find so magical about makeup and all the things that I am able to do with it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have my days where I am barefaced and I have no cares, but more often than not I have a full face of makeup.

For most of my makeup wearing days I haven’t cared about the brands that I used in terms of who they were, I just cared about the products themselves. This means that my collection is a mixture of drugstore and more expensive products and I was happy with everything I have.

And then I started researching brands. I started learning about animal testing and how it affects so many of the products that I loved, and honestly, I started to not love those products as much. My opinions changed and I started realize that I didn’t want to support that industry anymore. I didn’t want to spend my money on products that have been tested on animals as that is not an industry I want to support.

Now this wasn’t an overnight decision, nor is my makeup and skincare collection completely cruelty free at this point, but I have begun the process. I looked at all of the products that I did have, getting rid of things that were too old or that I didn’t use at all, and marking with tape those that were not cruelty free to look for alternatives.

Some of my favourite products I can no longer use and that makes me sad, but not sad enough to continue buying these products. Also I am not perfect, last week I needed shampoo and just bought one I always use and then once I got home realized that I failed. But as I said, this is a process, one that I have to work at every day and bring into my everyday routine.

Fortunately there are a lot of good resources out there. Websites such as Cruelty Free Kitty and Logical Harmony are websites that I now have saved on my phone, ready for those moments that I am tempted by products I no longer want to buy.

I have decided for now to continue to buy from brands that are cruelty free, but are owned by parents companies that are not as I believe that if we support the cruelty free companies hopefully the parent companies will eventually follow suit. Whenever you spend money you are voting with your wallet and I think that is very important to keep in mind. There are many people who don’t want to support companies with non-cruelty free parent companies and I completely respect their opinions.

Tips for going Cruelty Free:

  • Go through your makeup and skincare collections and put a mark on the products that are not cruelty free, then the next time you need to replace that product you know to look for something else
  • Look up lists of cruelty free brands, you may discover new brands you love (list of some of my favourite brands down below)
  • Don’t get discouraged when you mess up, one step forward is better than nothing and you (and I) will remember next time
  • Unfollow brands from social media that aren’t cruelty free. If you aren’t being tempted you are less likely to accidentally purchase products that don’t fit into your new buying habits

My Favourite Cruelty Free Brands:

  • LUSH – Great for everything from hair products, to body products, to face products and everything in between
  • The Body Shop – I got their advent calendar this year and I am loving getting to know new products and I am loving them
  • Essence – I love their eyebrow products and mascaras. Bonus, they are super inexpensive
  • Tarte – I love their blushes and the Amazonian Clay foundation is my holy grail
  • Colourpop – I have so many of their liquid lipsticks and believe me when I say they last all day long (and they are kiss proof)

How to Look for Cruelty Free Products

I love this image from Cruelty Free Kitty as it shows the three most common symbols for cruelty free products which are great to look out for when shopping for products.Image result for cruelty free

Good luck with your journey to becoming cruelty free, it is not easy, but it is very rewarding in the end.

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