being “natural” and wearing makeup

One of the joys of my life is makeup. The time that I get to spend in front of the mirror in the morning is super relaxing and energizing for me, whether it is just a few minutes or I really take my time. This does not mean that I wear makeup every day though. I am completely fine with leaving the house with a bare face, but it is something I enjoy experimenting with and over the past few years it has become a hobby for me.

There is nothing wrong with not wearing makeup. Throughout the past decade or so there have been many campaigns targeted towards girls and women about their natural beauty which I think is very important, but that has meant that I have found quite a lot of push back on those that do love to wear makeup.

I have a fondness for red or darker lips, they make me feel super put together and confident in myself, yet I have had older ladies stop me on the bus and tell me I am wearing too much makeup. Why does it matter what I decide to put on my face, or not put on at all, to other people?

I am a feminist and sometimes it seems like feminism only talks about being confident in your bare skin, yet I have found confidence in myself whether or not I am wearing makeup.

Guys everywhere tout that they “love a natural face” yet most of them don’t realize that what they think is natural, is actually not. There isn’t anything wrong with wearing ‘natural’ makeup or wearing super bright colours. Furthermore it shouldn’t matter what guys prefer as it isn’t their face. If they want to have an opinion on makeup, it should only be if they are using it on themselves.

Makeup gives me and many other women amazing confidence. There is something about a red lip that makes me feel powerful and there is something especially great about a day when my eyeliner looks perfect, but it is my face and not for anyone else to comment on (though I do love when my husband notices when I am having a great makeup day).

So whether or not I leave the house with makeup on my face, or put makeup on with nowhere to go, it is no one’s decision but my own. I can be a strong woman, a feminist, and powerful in either case.



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