travel tips: by car and by plane

Now it is not like I am the most experienced traveler, but I do have quite a few road trips under my belt as well as a few plane journeys (with another coming up in a few days). Over the course of these trips I have found some routines and tips that have really helped me to stay sane, not forget anything, and making traveling a lot more fun for me and those traveling with me.


Overall Tips:

  1. Make lists of things you need to pack last minute: Things such as phone and computer cords that you are using until the morning of can be forgotten easily if you don’t write it down. This list often includes things such as a toothbrush, my tablet, and watch, but whatever you know you will forget write it down!
  2. Look up the weather forecast: There is nothing worse than getting somewhere you thought was going to be cold and it is super warm, or only packing shorts and it is snowing. Just take a few minutes to check out what they weather is supposed to be like and even if it isn’t completely right (when is it ever?) you will at least have an idea of the temperature.
  3. Prepare for the time traveling: Whether that is making some great Spotify playlists to download, or loading a tablet up with free magazines and ebooks from the library, get ready for those long hours traveling or waiting with lots of things to do. Netflix even lets you download episodes and movies now which is great for those times when you don’t have Wifi.
  4. Dress comfy: Whether that is sweat pants or a comfortable pair of jeans dress in what makes you feel good. Even if you have something to do as soon as you arrive you can change in the airport or your destination and that will refresh you for the day anyway.


Road Trips:

  1. Find fun things to do along the way: I am no stranger to spending over 12 hours in the car for multiple days in a row and even as a seasoned road-tripper it can get really long. Look up fun attractions (I am a fan of “big” things) or funky towns or restaurants along the way that can be quick 15-minute stops to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and refresh you for the next leg of the journey.
  2. Expand your snack repertoire: Now I know we all have some favourite road trip snacks that we get every time, but this is a great opportunity to scan the aisle of an unfamiliar store and grab some items that you have never tried before, but catch your eye.
  3. Make up a road trip game: Whether this is the cow game which my family played all the time growing up, searching for interesting license plates, or anything else you can think of have a game that you can keep going back to each day is both entertaining and keeps you looking at what is around you.
  4. Picnic Lunches: Road tripping can be expensive, especially when it is centered around a move. If you stay at places that come with breakfast and hit up grocery stores for lunch supplies you can save a lot of money, plus it is healthier than eating out all the time.


Plane Trips:

  1. Bring your own tea: If you are like me and are a big tea drinker (but aren’t a fan of the plain black tea they serve on planes) you can bring your own and just get hot water on the flight. It is the little comfort items that can make a plane ride feel better and plus you need to stay hydrated while up in the air.
  2. Carry-on: If-possible try and only pack with a carry on, not only will it save you money, but there is nothing nicer than avoiding the people standing at the baggage carousel and just walk out of the airport once your plane has landed.
  3. Explore airports: Long layovers can sometimes be a drag, but I enjoy getting around and exploring as much of the airport as I can. Not only does this allow me to stretch my legs before sitting for who knows how long, but some airports have really cool art, displays, and other things to see that you will miss if you go straight to the gate and sit and wait.
  4. Have everything you need to grab easily accessible: Whether that is your passport, bag of liquids, or anything else you need quickly have it at the top of your bag or backpack. This will save a lot of time and hassle in security lines and when you need to grab your important things they are right there.

Those are some of my top travel tips, what do you do to make your plane and road trips easier and more enjoyable?

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