a letter to my best friend on her wedding day

Dear Larissa,

Part of me can’t believe that you are getting married and then I remember that I have actually been married for a year and a half so what took you so long? Seriously I think that is the only thing I have beaten you at in our entire lives.

I can’t remember a time in my life before you which I can’t say about any other friend. You referred to this time as BA (before Andrea) but my life was very empty BL (before Larissa). You are included in most of my earliest memories at church, at our houses, and later at camp and other events. Your house was like a second home to me and as someone who wasn’t always the greatest at making friends I love that you were always there with me.

You dragged me into a lot of weird and crazy adventures and I am so grateful that you were the more outgoing one and that you made me do things I was scared to try. I know I did the same for you a few times and I feel like we were really able to balance each other out.

Now there was a time in your life that you had a new crush every month (and for a while it was hard to keep up), but I feel like Michael was always on your mind. You always talked about how he was “such a great guy (for someone else)” but you never talked about him in terms of you. Until one day that all changed and you were practically in love with him in all at once. It took him a little bit longer to figure that out, but it wasn’t too long before you were a couple.

I have loved watching both of you grow through your relationship together and seeing how these past few years have brought you closer together. I am excited to see where your marriage will take you and how you will grow and change through the years.

I wish I could have been closer and more involved these past 18 months as you have gotten engaged and planned your wedding, but I am excited to be moving back to BC and to have more time to spend with both of you.


Thanks for booking a spontaneous trip to Disneyland with me and creating adventures even in our own backyards. Thank you for the time in our lives when we would hang out in the McDonald’s eating fries and ice cream until midnight and they kicked us out. Thank you for sending random packages in the mail that brighten up my day.

No one does homemade cards like you do, no one screams from the top of zip line like you do, and no one cares as much as you do. There is no one else’s car I would rather sit in for hours in my parent’s driveway after events talking about whatever was on our mind.

People used to think we were sisters, and sometimes still mix us up, but thank you for being the sister I never had and the best friend I always will have.

I am excited for you to enter the world of marriage and to see how your life changes and how the two of you grow closer together. I am also excited to move back closer to you and be married friends.

I love you and wish you all the best,


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