things that make me happy – spring 2018


I have found myself very inspired and happy these past few weeks which has been so refreshing and I figured I would share some of these things that are making me happy. This is partly inspired by my friend Olivia over at The Cwtch and her series that is about all the things that make her happy.

So here is what has been making me happy lately:

  1. Sunshine. We have hardly had a rainy day since we arrived back in BC (which is very strange I know) but I have loved being out in the sun whether that is walking, having picnics, or bringing my book to a park to do some reading.
  2. Mountains. What can I say, I have missed mountains the past few years and being able to see them almost every day has been so amazing.
  3. New beginnings. I start my first post-grad job on Tuesday and I am so excited for all of the opportunities and learning that it is going to bring with it.
  4. Grocery shopping. On Thursday both Nigel and I had the day off and although the entire day was spent doing errands (out of province ID changing, grocery shopping, library) it was so wonderful to spend time with him. Also Costco hot dogs and fries to share.
  5. Friends. In just the few short weeks that we have been back in BC we have seen so many of our friends, sometimes even just when walking down the street, and it is so nice to not have be only communicating through emails and Facebook.
  6. Making a house a home. For the first time in our marriage Nigel and I have an unfurnished place and being able to pick out furniture that matches who we are and the space we want to create has been wonderful.
  7. Summer wardrobes. Changing up my closet and bringing out my summer dresses and shorts has been so wonderful and I have loving these clothes that I get to rediscover.
  8. Plants. I have a current obsession with plants (as Nigel could tell you) but as I am in a place that can’t really support them walking through the garden center’s at the grocery store will just have to do for now (plus my small succulent garden)

This are the things that I have been loving these past few months. What have you been loving lately?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Olivia Smit says:

    I love this post!! ❤ 🙂 today I'm happy about Christian yoga classes and cinnamon raisin toast!


  2. oxria says:

    This is such a nice idea for a blog post! I might write one myself, haha!
    Also, I love most of the things on your list, especially plants, mountains and grocery shopping (I find it sooo relaxing and fun).
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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