my summer bucket list


In two weeks summer will be upon us and I must admit I am super excited. I love warm weather, being outside, and the long days that come with summer. I am excited to be back in BC this summer and to be around so much beauty, so many friends, and so many exciting activities to do. Though most of my weekdays will be spent at work there are still a bunch of activities that I want to do and adventures that I am excited to have.

Some of the things that are at the top of my list are:

  1. Go to the drive inThere is a drive-in right near where I live that I think every person in my life has been to except for me and that needs to change this summer. I want to eat popcorn in the car while a summer blockbuster is playing on the screen late at night.

    healthy snack movie popcorn
    Photo by Keegan Evans on
  2. Eat fish and chips by the oceanThere is just something about those crispy fish and chips while smelling the ocean air on a summer evening.

    fried meat beside sliced lemon and white mustard
    Photo by Valeria Boltneva on
  3. Go star-spinningThis is something I used to do as a kid in summer camp where you go to a field at night, pick a star, stare at it and spin around until you can’t stay upright anymore. I just want to experience that child-like excitement and have fun doing something entirely silly.

    moon and stars
    Photo by Min An on
  4. Go on lots of hikes and long walksOne of the best parts about summer is the weather and I want to take full advantage of the sunny days to go on long walks and explore my new city and the hikes and walks that are around.

    person in beige top on mountain cliff
    Photo by Min An on
  5. Eat at a local ice cream placeI want to go on a quest, an ice cream quest. I love ice cream and I want to try lots of small local places to find the best ones around.

    dessert ice cream summer sweet
    Photo by JÉSHOOTS on
  6. Go to the farmer’s marketI love checking out local produce, things that people make, and supporting people in my community and farmer’s markets are perfect for that. I hope to check out a few that are nearby to me and see what my new hometown has to offer.

    vegetables stall
    Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on
  7. Picnic and reading outsideThis is probably the most simple of all of the bucket list items, but I love packing up some food (maybe from the farmer’s market), bringing a book, and heading to a park or other outside area to have a picnic and spend some time reading. It is just so relaxing and an easy way to get some Vitamin D.
    woman s red with polka dot print backpack
    Photo by on

    So those are the things that I want to do this summer. I am so excited for all the adventures to come in the upcoming months. What is on your summer bucket list?

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