thrifting tips and a summer haul


As I have talked about previously, I love going thrift shopping.

If I was to guess I would assume that about 60% of my current wardrobe has been bought from thrift stores and that percentage is steadily growing as my wardrobe evolves and changes to fit my current lifestyle.

Last week I went thrifting again to my new favourite thrift store, Talize, and picked up a few great new pieces for the summer and into fall so I thought I would give you a haul alongside some of my tips for making the most of going thrift shopping.

  1. Explore Your Options: Not all thrift stores are created alike and while some are too dirty and disorganized to even make it worth it. Try going around to all the different second-hand stores that are in your city (or neighbouring ones) and find the ones that match your style, your shopping preference, and have higher quality items.
  2. Have a Goal: I find that I am less overwhelmed and find things easier if I go in searching for specific items. You don’t have to feel like you need to search every rack if you don’t need another T-Shirt or pair of shorts (I am talking to myself here). This trip was specifically looking for more work related clothes, as I have started a new job recently.
  3. Try on anything that catches your eye: My family makes fun of me for the amount of clothes that I always bring into the change room, but that is because I don’t want to cross anything out. If I see something interesting that may fit I bring it with me to the change room. This means that there are a lot of things that don’t make it past the change room, but sometimes things that I only picked up on a whim end up being some of the best.
  4.  Check out Brands: I have never been a person concerned with brands but when it comes to thrifting looking at the brands can really tell you about the quality and longevity of the clothes. Also check out the fabrics, making sure they will last a long time and wear well for what you want to use it for.
  5. Take your Time: Thrift shopping in a rush can be stressful so if you don’t have time to check out everything, limit the areas you go to so you can take your time in a specific area and not feel like you have to get to every rack of clothing.


Now for a little haul for what I picked up this past week. As I mentioned I have some gaps in my wardrobe for business casual clothing and things that I can wear to my new job so that I what I am focusing on buying at the moment. I managed to pick up four new items on this trip:

  • Burgundy Pants: These will be great as we head into fall, and burgundy is definitely one of my favourite colours. Bonus, the shirt I am wearing with it I got last time I went thrift shopping. 20180710_2009112597635300800107458.jpg
  • Black and White cropped pants: These pants are really fun and also professional and great for the next few warmer months. 20180709_1850531493084363467966968.jpg
  • Blue and white shirt: Clothes that I can wear both at work and on the weekend and this shirt definitely checks those boxes. 20180712_2047084587556121041357907.jpg
  • Black/Grey Cardigan: I think as a librarian I am contractually obligated to love cardigans and this one is my new favourite. It is reversible so can be worn both on the grey and black side and is very warm and cozy so great for the cooler months.20180714_0818599072191267444509165.jpg

I love walking into a thrift store and walking out with new treasures for my wardrobe, never knowing what each day will have in store. What are some of your tips for going thrift store shopping?

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  1. Awesome haul! I am just getting into thrifting myself, so thanks for the tips!!


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