one of my greatest loves, tea

Some people really love coffee, my thing is tea.

Ever since I was sixteen and started drinking tea my first summer working at summer camp it is rare that a day goes by without me drinking some form of tea, whether it is hot or iced, fruity or more plain, at home or on the go.

*I personally get pretty much all of my tea at David’s Tea so when I make suggestions of my favourites they will be from there*

Tea also fits into my desire to reduce my waste because I buy most of my tea in bulk. This means that I can steep it right in the cup or use my own compostable tea bag to make the tea in my own mug, not using tea bags that can’t be composted (did you know many popular tea brands use plastic in the tea bag itself, let alone those that have staples holding them together). I can then reuse the tins that I buy the tea in to get more tea, or to hold other items in my home.

While the caffeine in some teas doesn’t seem to affect me, I love that there are so many different types of tea available for really anyone. If you are more of a traditionalist there are plain black, white, and green teas, but there are also flavoured and enhanced tea with fruit, various sweeteners, and even sprinkles if that is what you like. I am a person who loves pretty much everything so my stash both at home and at work are varied and can meet any cravings that I have at any moment.

When I thought of iced tea as a kid I only knew of the stuff that came in a powder and you mixed into a gross brown liquid (sorry for those who love that I just always hated it). Learning that I can make iced tea with actual real tea was such an exciting discovery and it is something great on hot summer days when I want something cold and sweet but doesn’t have added sugar.

For iced tea some of my favourites are:

  • Mango Fruit Punch
  • Raspberry Mojito
  • Just Peachy

Tea is also great hot, and it is how I have been loving it even in the summer in my very air conditioned office. I have tons of tea in one of my cabinets that I can choose from, even some that I had bought in bags. When I first started working here I thought it would be easier to use bags that were already made, but I really don’t find it tough to use loose leaf so now I am just working through those bags and won’t be repurchasing them after.

My Work Tea Shelf

Some of teas that I have been loving at work lately are:

  • Passion Punch
  • Walnut Orange Scone
  • Santa’s Secret (mint tea is good anytime)

I have even gotten my husband into tea, even joining me in having a chai latte this morning for breakfast. While I love fruity teas, he is really into the sweet teas and some of his favourites are:

  • S’mores Chai
  • Jasmine Creme Brule

So whatever your taste is, where you are, grab your mug, some loose leaf tea, and enjoy.

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