fall wardrobe switchover

September 1.

I am fully ready for fall and with the cooler weather in the final few weeks of August so was my wardrobe. I was getting super excited to switch over my wardrobe into more cozy and warmer items so as soon as that calendar changed to September I was ready for the challenge.

My Closet Before

Before I could start moving items into my closet I had to remove some first. I started with the items that I hadn’t worn in a few months, the hangers that were still hanging backwards, and the items that no longer fit my life and style.

I ended up giving away 20 items including pajamas, tank tops, shorts that didn’t fit the way they used to, white shirts that were no longer white, and clothes that just didn’t make me happy anymore.

Clothes for donation

This initial clear out helped to save some space but then I needed to switch out the summer clothes for some better meant for rain and cool weather. I started with my pajama drawer, adding in long pants for shorts, and then moved on to my only other drawer. This drawer I rearranged a bit to have better access to the items in it, but it contains my workout clothes, camisoles for under clothes, my scarves, and my comfy house clothes such as sweats and leggings.

Workout, comfy clothes, and scarves

Then we were on to the closet. I started by removing everything from the closet in sections, laying all of the items of a certain type to see them all at one time. I found a few more things to donate in this section as well as I started to remove the items that didn’t fit the coming season. I then moved each pile to the side until the end.

Once I had finished going through my entire closet I had 29 clothing items to store for the next 6 months packed away in the bin that had been storing my fall and winter clothes. These items are pieces that I can see myself wanting next year, but I will decide if I ultimately am when that time comes.

My spring and summer clothes

I then started unpacking the fall bin, opening up each item and looking at through the eyes of my current self. Is this something that I can still consider wearing and still want to wear? Does it fit my current lifestyle and workplace? Is it still in good condition? This meant that there were a few items that didn’t make it back into the closet, rather straight into the donation bin.

The fall/winter bin

I went through the same process with these clothes, gathering them together by section and looking at what I had, comparing them to the wardrobe I was adding them too. There are still a few areas of clothing that I know I have way too many items, such as pants and casual shirts, but in general I was very happy with what I was seeing. Then section by section I started putting it all back in the closet.


Pants: I love pants and probably have way too many of them. The first set are my fall pants as I know they are still good for the weather but once it really starts to cool down they will need to be stored, next are my pants that are great for work, and then I have my at home and casual pants.

Shirts: This is also my downfall. I love shirts so I have a lot of them, fortunately many of them I can wear for work but the second set are only for weekend wear.

Blouses and Button Ups: I love how these can be so casual and comfy but can in many (but not all) cases be dressed up for work.

Sweaters: I love being cozy and warm so I was so happy to bring these out.

Dresses and Skirts: while some of these items will only last for for the first month or so, I still like having dresses and skirts to mix up my outfits.

Jackets: With the addition of my new burnt orange jacket I am so happy with my current jacket situation and it should be great for the upcoming months.


Final Results: I was so happy with how my wardrobe has turned out. My clothes currently come to 60 items which is a bit higher than I would like, but may shrink as I find items I no longer wear. My items are all back in my closet with the hangers turned backwards so it is easy to spot the items I no longer wear.


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