new tv shows I am excited to watch – fall 2018

With the change in seasons comes the slate of new TV shows popping up on the airwaves. One of my favourite traditions is bringing up a list of all the new shows premiering, watch all their trailers, and choose a few to try out in the upcoming year.

I figured it would be fun today to share some of the shows that Nigel and I have chosen to check out this year to see if any of them catch your fancy as well.

  1. Kidding

    This show stars Jim Carrey as a Mr. Roger’s-like TV personality whose life isn’t so great off-screen as it is on-screen. This show looks like a great mix of humour, seriousness, and heart and something that will make me think.

    Premier Date: September 9
    Network: Showtime

  2. Manifest

    This show really reminds me of Lost, a plane hits a storm and while it seems to the people on the plane that it arrived on time, it is really 5 years later for everyone else. This obviously causes a lot pf friction between those who were on the plane and those who were left behind as well as the questions into what caused this to happen to the plane. I hope this show doesn’t get a strange as Lost did, but am excited to where it is going to go.

    Premier Date: September 24
    Network: NBC

  3. God Friended Me

    From the description and title this show sounds really stupid, but as we watched the trailer both Nigel and I got super into it and drawn in. God speaks in mysterious ways, why not friend requests and social media? Now Nigel and I have a track record of starting a fun and silly show that makes us laugh and then it always gets cancelled, so be warned about that.

    Premier Date: September 30
    Network: CBS

  4. The Miniaturist

    Based on a book that I loved this mini serious aired in the UK last year, but is coming to North America this fall. The premise is intriguing and it seems to have the same tone and mystery of the book.

    Premier Date: September 9
    Network: Masterpiece PBS

Other shows that I am excited to come back are Survivor, This is Us, The Great Canadian Baking Show, and The Good Place.

Are there any TV shows that you are looking forward to coming out or coming back? What do you like watching?

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