my favourite book characters

For my whole life, books have always been my escape, a place that I can be away from my own life and be with people in places that I can only dream of.

While there were quite a few books and characters that I loved there were a few that I really connected with and who I wished I could be. Some of these I even tried to imagine I was in movie versions and had everything planned out from the outfits to the camera angles.

Now as you read about these characters I bet you will see a similarity. These are characters that I could relate to, but went on adventures and had the confidence and abilities that I wished I had.

Sidenote: As I was writing this I realized all three of these characters were in books that I heard for the first time out loud by my Dad who read to me a lot until I was around 10. So shoutout to him for introducing me to such amazing female role models and characters.

  1. Meggie from the Inkheart series by Cornelia FunkMeggie was a book lover who got to travel inside and interact with characters from books. Like, how can anything get better than that? I wanted to have the abilities that she had to read things out of books and I wanted to go on adventures with her. I was the same age as Meggie when I read the books and they felt like an alternate life for me.
  2. Aravis from The Horse and His Boy by C.S. LewisThe first time I heard this book I was 5 and my dad was reading the whole series aloud. Though I may not have connected with this character the first time I heard this story by the time I was a teenager she was my favourite book character. This book I had a full movie directed in my head for (staring opposite Nick Jonas of course). I loved that she was willing to sacrifice everything she knew for an adventure (and that she rode horses while doing it) and that she eventually ended up with the guy, but that it wasn’t a huge part of the actual story.
  3. Meg from A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’EngleI loved Meg for her brain, and how hard it was for her sometimes to fit into society. I loved that she got to go on a crazy adventure to different worlds and dimensions and that she learned how she was so much more than she seemed. Not only did I read the book multiple times, but I watched both the TV movie version as well as the recent movie (which I loved as it brought me back into that world.

Looking at my favourite characters I can definitely see their similarities, the girls who were sort of like me, but got to do all the things I couldn’t do or were too afraid to do. I got to live out my fantasies through the pages of their stories and do so much more than what I could do.

Do you have any favourite book characters that have stuck with you throughout your life? Or maybe they are more recent favourites that you wish were around earlier. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Olivia Emily says:

    When I was growing up, Cath from Fangirl was always such a favourite of mine. She still is, really! Especially now that I’m preparing to go to university just like she is in that book (:


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