what i’m listening to lately: my current favourite podcasts

I never used to be a podcast person. Ask me what I wanted to listen to and it was always music. I didn’t have time for podcasts, nor did I really want to listen to people talking when I could just read and listen to music. But then I started spending a lot more time commuting and by the end of the day I really didn’t want to be doing more reading.

I also had a very skewed image of what I thought a podcast was. I am very much not into radio dramas and dramatizations of real events which is what a lot of the popular podcasts are. Those are some of the things that my husband really liked listening to, so I figured that podcasts were his way of getting that form of media that I didn’t want to consume. Then I started to realize that I really liked just listening to people talk, whether it is about serious topics or just life and that is when I really started to get into podcasts.

The first podcast I started loving with Nigel was “Dear Hank and John” a podcast by the vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green who I have been watching on Youtube for almost 9 years. They answer questions from real people and give you the weeks news from both Mars and AFC Wimbledon. Nigel and I listened to that podcast together for over a year before I realized that if I liked that podcast so much maybe there would be others that I would like as well.

I personally listen to my podcasts on the app, Beyond Pod, but whatever app you use and like it is all about the same.

So here are some of the podcasts I have been listening to lately:

  1. Save Me White Jesus – This podcast is definitely a controversial one, but I really like listening to this podcast which as they say, “is the only podcasts brave enough to read the Bible.” These three guys from various backgrounds and current religious beliefs talk about controversial topics in Christianity such as homosexuality, the purity movement, and welfare. Though I definitely don’t always agree with them it is very interesting to listen to and I generally always come away from the episode with something new to think about. The thing I really don’t like about this podcast is its length as it is the longest podcast I have and I much prefer the ones that are between 30-45 minutes.
  2. Conversations With People Who Hate Me –  This podcast is hosted by Dylan Marron who makes liberal videos on YouTube and like most people on the internet, gets a lot of hate. Instead of spreading more hate however he decides to have productive conversations with these people. Though at the end there is still a lot they don’t agree on, the conversations they have bring to light many important issues and it shows that even if you don’t think so, there is probably something you have in common with most people.
  3. Delete This – This podcast is another one hosted by Hank Green, this time with his wife Katherine. The two of them talk about the last week, but only through what Hank tweeted and other viral events on Twitter. It is an interesting look at society, culture, and the world through the lens of Twitter. Also Katherine cares so little about all of it, which just makes it all the better.
  4. The Anthropocene Reviewed – This show is the side project of John Green and while there are only a few episodes of this podcast available each one is thoughtful and beautiful in a way that you didn’t know things such as the Taco Bell Breakfast menu could be.
  5. Reroot – This is the newest podcast on the list and it is hosted by a couple that I watch on YouTube who live in their self-converted van. Their podcast is based around their life in the van, their travels, and anything else important to them.
  6. At Home With – This last podcast is hosted by Lily and Anna and involves them going around to different people’s homes talking to them about lives, their homes, social media, and life. It is an interesting look at their lives and the inner workings of many forms of media.

Do you like listening to podcasts? What have you been listening to lately?

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