fall bucket list (and summer check in)

Happy first day of fall everyone!

Just like I wrote at the beginning of summer I am putting together a list of things that I want to accomplish over the upcoming fall months. Though where I live involves a lot of rain in fall (and winter, and spring) there are always a few nice days to get out and do some things, or if their isn’t you either brave the rain as a good Vancouverite, or find things to do indoors.

First however, I am going to check in on my summer bucket list to see how I did on that. To be honest I haven’t looked at my list since I created it so I am hoping to do better at staying accountable this season.

  1. Go to the drive in – Sadly once again this did not happen this summer, partially due to how early my husband has to go to bed in the summer for his 2:20am (yes that is correct) wake up. Maybe next year.
  2. Eat fish and chips by the ocean – This almost happened and we talked about it a few times, but it didn’t end up happening either
  3. Go star-spinning – While I didn’t go star spinning exactly I did get to experience the stars and the dark sky a few times
  4. Go on lots of hikes and long walks – This was definitely accomplished as I feel like I did get to spend lots of good time outside exploring some parks as well as our neighbourhood
  5. Eat at a local ice cream place – This we did both here as well as on our Portland trip, and we ate a lot of ice cream at home which is a need for a successful summer
  6. Go to the farmer’s market – Again we did this both locally and in Portland. There is something so nice about supporting local farmers and trying treats that aren’t available anywhere else
  7. Picnic and reading outside – Done

Okay so I didn’t actually do too bad with that list, but I am still going to try and write out the fall list somewhere I can see it every day to encourage me to do everything

  1. Go to the pumpkin patch/corn maze – I love corn mazes and pumpkin patches in the fall and taking nice fall photos there
  2. Make apple cider – I love the taste of fresh hot apple cider and the smell that it gives your home so I would like to do this on a wet day when I am stuck inside the house
  3. Pumpkin spice things – this has already started in my home but I am going to keep baking and tasting the things that make me think of fall
  4. Fall hikes and walks – I hope there are a few dry and crisp days to go on a nice fall hike or walk to look at the changing leaves and fresh blue sky
  5. Scary movie night – I am not a huge fan of scary movies but there a few that I like so I want to find a new movie and curl up with some popcorn and hot drinks and scare myself a little bit
  6. All the fall fruits and veggies – I am getting really into seasonal eating so right now that means my fridge is stocked with apples, pears, grapes, plums, and for veggies, brussel sprouts, squash (of all kinds), and sweet potatoes. I can’t wait to roast all the things and make lots of hearty and warm fall meals.
  7. Decorate for fall – this also has started already, but I am hoping to pick up a few pumpkins, clear out my dying summer plants, and make our entryway a little more seasonal

Do you have any goals for this upcoming season?

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