current makeup and skincare favourites – fall 2018

With the change in seasons and the switch to cooler weather not only do clothes change, but my makeup and skincare changes a bit too.

Today I am going to go through some of my favourite products that I am currently loving. All these products are cruelty free and I have been using for a while now and have had a real chance to test them out.

I would love to know the products that you shift too as the weather gets cooler out and what you have been loving lately. Let me know in the comment section!



  • Makeup Remover – Ultrabland by Lush

Ever since I stopped using makeup wipes I have been using this creme makeup remover and a wash cloth and I have extremely impressed with how well it takes off all makeup including waterproof eyeliner, matte lipstick, and mascara. I just take a bit in my fingers and rub it onto my face and then wash it off with a damp washcloth. It is a little bit greasy but I follow it up with a micellar water.

  • Serum – Grease Lightning by Lush

Around my time of the month I generally get a few pimples on my chin and this serum helps to keep them down and not get inflamed. I have been using this for years and will continue to use it for a long time.

  • Eye Cream – Viper Venom Eye Fix

This is quite a new addition to my skincare routine but I have been enjoying it a lot. The cooling serum is very refreshing under the eyes and I love that is not a heavy cream.

  • Body Moisturizer – Grapefruit by The Body Shop

The Body Shop moisturizers have been my favourite for a long time, but right now I am loving the grapefruit scent as it gives me one last scent of summer.



  • Foundation – Amazonian Clay Foundation by Tarte

Ever since I discovered this foundation right before my wedding I have been loving it. I find it the perfect amount of coverage but also is good for my oily skin. I apply it with a damp beauty sponge.

  • Highlighter – Ambient Lighting Trio by Hourglass

There is just something about fall that makes me think of highlighter which has had me coming back to this highlighting trio. I personally love using all three at once which means it isn’t too glittery but still gives me that bit of glow.

  • Eyeshadow – Ultimate Basics Palatte by Urban Decay

While I have been loving the glow in my highlighter I am wanting matte eyeshadow and I love the amount of shades in this eyeshadow palate that are all matte. I especially love the burnt orange shade in the fall.

  • Lipstick – Multiple Dark Shades by Colourpop

If the beginning of fall makes me think of something it is the transition to darker lipstick shades and I love the colourpop matte liquid lipsticks. I have a range of darker shades in red and purplish colours and love bringing them out as the fall hits. Some people find them drying but I find that if I make sure my lips are scrubbed and moisturized before I apply it and it is not bad.

Those are the products that I am loving right now. What are you loving at the moment?

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