fall 10×10 challenge


Back in June I experimented for the first time with a 10×10 challenge, aka, only wearing 10 different items of clothing for 10 straight days. Now this challenge went quite well and it changed me to find new ways to wear the clothes that I did have. You can check out that full blog post here

Since it has cooled down quite a bit and I have started to wear different clothes out of my closet I decided to try this challenge again with a whole new set of clothes and a whole different weather pattern to deal with.

To start this challenge I first started by thinking about where I spend most of my time which is work where I have to be dressed more than just casual (but not quite business casual) and it is where I am 8 out of the 10 days (it ended up being 7 but more on that later). This meant that most of what I picked had to be work appropriate and interchangeable so people wouldn’t see me in the same outfit.

I also picked one main colour which is my current favourite colour to wear, mustard/burnt orange. I picked both a top and a bottom in that colour and everything else goes with that one pop of colour.

This time I chose these items:

  • 1 Piece of Outerwear – my fake leather jacket, good for cooler days as well as rain and it is black so it goes with everything20180922_0844536539009383638918213.jpg
  • 4 Bottoms – Black leggings, Black tight slightly cropped dress pants, dotted knee length skirt, and burnt orange denim – all these but the leggings on their own I can wear to work but many of them can be dressed down as well and the leggings are good for lazy days

5 Tops – Plain grey t-shirt, orange shirt, lace black shirt, black and white sweater, and grey blouse – all these are work appropriate and many can also be worn for other places as well

Day 1: Thursday – This was a work day so I wore the leggings under the dotted skirt with the grey shirt over top. I wore the jacket over top as it was rainy out. I added a scarf for a pop of colour in a nice fall colour.

Clothes Worn: 4/1020180920_1742556634273170340879177.jpg

Day 2: Friday – This was supposed to be a work day, but I ended up taking a mental health day so I wanted to be comfy and cozy around the house. I wore my leggings with the orange shirt and spent a great me day.

Clothes worn: 5/10


Day 3: Saturday – This was a day that started out with a lot of housework; cleaning, laundry, and other general work and then included a nice walk as the day got much nicer. I wore the leggings again, as well as the grey shirt and jacket, though soon after this photo was taken the jacket came off as it was quite warm.

Clothes Worn: 5/10


Day 4: Sunday – Today started with church and then a few errands. I then ended up going on a walk with a friend and then a relaxing evening at home. I stayed nice and cozy in this sweater as well as felt very fall like with the pants.

Clothes Worn: 7/10


Day 5: Monday – Today was back to work and this week was looking to be a warm one, but the mornings are very cool so layers are key. Each morning this week I started with wearing the jacket, but by the time I was coming home it was much too warm for that.

Clothes worn: 8/10


Day 6: Tuesday – I definitely forgot to take a photo today and had gotten changed into my workout clothes before I remembered that I was taking photos, but I wore my black pants with the orange shirt.

Clothes worn: 9/10

Day 7: Wednesday – This is definitely an outfit combination that I would not have put together without this challenge, but it is one that I really enjoyed wearing throughout the day.

Clothes worn: 9/10


Day 8: Thursday – This was probably one of my favourite outfits of the week, because I love both of pieces so much. It is hard to tell from the photos but the top is lacy and perfect for work.

Clothes worn: 10/10


Day 9: Friday – Another day without a photo, but today I will blame it on the fact that we went grocery shopping directly after work and then were busy putting things away when we got home, but I wore my black pants and grey shirt with a scarf.

Clothes worn: 10/10

Day 10: Saturday – Oops I forgot to take a picture of my outfit again. But I wore these things. I spent the day cleaning the house and then went to my parents for dinner. It was a rainy day so I felt very cozy just in leggings and a sweater.

Clothes worn: 10/10

Overall I think this experience with the 10×10 challenge was a success. I enjoyed getting to find some new combinations of outfits and challenge myself to only use a small part of my wardrobe. I am glad to have the rest of my closet back this week, but it really shows how little you really do need to make many different outfits.

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  1. Love it! I’m looking forward to participating in the fall 10×10 later this month, so this was great inspiration!


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