switching to reusable pads

Note: This blog post may be a little TMI. I will be talking about periods, blood, and other bodily functions.

For pretty much the last year I have been thinking about my period products. Every time I needed to go out and buy more I dreaded the trip, but I was never ready to make the switch to something else.

I would always stop and stare at the row of Diva cups though, and I would read everyone’s blogs and watch videos on peoples experiences with menstrual cups. However, I couldn’t get it out of my head that that wasn’t what was right for me.

I have always been more comfortable with pads, only using tampons when I had to, but I hated the amount of waste that it produced as well as the weird chemicals and products that were in pads. This is what caused me a few months ago to finally bite the bullet and buy reusable pads.

It has been two periods later and let me tell you I am converted. I never want to use a plastic-y, sticky, uncomfortable, disposable, pad ever again.

Now what is a reusable pad? In essence it looks pretty similar to a disposable pad with a soft cotton inner liner and a waterproof outer side that can be plain or decorated. It isn’t sticky so there are snaps to hold it together under your underwear. One of the first things I noticed were how soft they were and how much more comfortable they were.


Now the first pads I bought were from the brand Lotus Liners which I found in store at a local health food store in a three size variety pack. I was so excited to find them in store and in a way that I could find a few different sizes right off of the bat.

I then bought the rest of my stash from the brand Charlie Banana which is mostly known for their cloth diapers so I figured that they would be good and I was right. I bought a three pack of three of their sizes; the liners, the regular, and the long. This is enough for a full period without having to wash them and a variety of sizes for each of the different days.

In terms of washing them I rinse them out right away and then place them in a bucket with our other rags and cleaning clothes that have been gathering all month. I then wash them on the sanitary cycle of the washing machine which is hot (the only load I do that is not cold). Now they don’t come out completely clean, but I don’t particularly care as it is just going back to collecting more blood.

So far I have had no issues with bleeding through, moving around, or general uncomfortableness and I have been loving them. I love that my waste in this regard has gone down to nothing and I am even more confident that no accidents are going to happen when I am out and about.

Now switching to any form of reusable period product is going to cost a bit more money than buying a pack of regular pads or tampons, but all of these products are meant to last years and will quickly start saving you money as well.

I am quite happy with my latest zero waste switch and know that there are many ways to have a lower waste period, whether you choose to use a cup or pads.


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  1. I use a menstrual cup and I absolutely love it!!!! But of course, reusable pads are great as well, especially if you aren’t comfortable using a cup but want to be zero waste or more waste less ❤

    Thanks for posting!


  2. Jessica Grace says:

    Definitely want to try this as I hate seeing the waste every cycle!


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