my favourite graphic novels

I used to be a book snob who would never pick up a graphic novel as I didn’t count it as real reading, wow I really missed out on a few years of my life. Now I really enjoy graphic novels, both as a break from regular books as well as enjoyment all on their own.

Now the world of graphic novels can be very daunting when you are just starting to get into it (and for me still) so today I am going to share some of my favourite graphic novels and series to get you started in a bunch of different genres and ages.


  • Smile by Raina Telgemeier (and Drama and Sisters and Ghosts)

Image result for smile by raina telgemeier

If you have a daughter in late elementary school or middle school you probably have heard of these books, but I really enjoyed them as well. I felt like the characters were written really well and I loved the illustrations. Though I have zero desire to go back to middle school this brought me back in good ways.

  • El Deafo by Cece Bell
    20701984Image result for el deafoNot only is this an adorable book, but it is also is diverse and tells an incredible story about a deaf girl and her real and imaginary life.


  • Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang, and Matthew Wilson
    Image result for paper girlsThis comic series reminds me of a female version of Stranger things in some ways. Set in the 80’s, mysterious circumstances, and some general awesomeness. I love how great all of the characters are and getting sucked into their adventures.
  • Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson
    25088104Image result for lumberjanes
    Another awesome comic book series filled with strong women. This one takes place at a summer camp (though a lot of things happen that I have never seen at camp) and it is really fun.


  • Saga by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughn
    15704307Image result for saga comic
    Warning: This series is very adult and has a lot of adult content.
    I have recently gotten into the Saga series and have read 8 of the 9 volumes already. Through this science fiction series race and other important topics are discussed and there are a lot of very interesting adventures.
  • Any of Guy Delisle 
    80834Image result for guy delisle pyongyangWhile I don’t agree with everything that Guy Delisle says, I really enjoy his graphic novels for a look into different cultures and experiences that he has had in his life. I am currently reading “Burma Chronicles”.
  • Maus by Art Spiegelman
    mausImage result for maus
    This was probably the first graphic novel I really enjoyed, though as it is telling the story of the Holocaust it is not a light and easy read. The story is told so well it is easy to forget that you aren’t really a part of the story.

What are some of your favourite graphic novels? What do I need to read next?

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  1. Y The Last Man! Also by Brian K Vaughan


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