how to get out of a reading slump

Last month was not a very great reading month for me, I kept abandoning books partway through and there were days when I did not feel like picking up a book at all. For someone who bases much of her life on her reading and her ability to read this was very disheartening.

Now my reading has been a bit better the past few weeks and I have found a few books that I have really loved, but for those few weeks I really felt like I was in a slump.

Reading slumps happen to everyone and it is nothing to be ashamed of, but they are also something that can be easy or hard to get out of.

Today I will be presenting my top tips for getting out a reading slump and learning to love books again.

  1. Stop reading the books you aren’t enjoying: If a book isn’t bringing you joy (and you don’t have to read it for some reason such as school) stop reading it. I have a whole Goodreads shelf called “Abandoned” which has 63 books on it, which I know isn’t even every book I gave up on. Life is too short to be reading books that you hate. If you aren’t excited to pick up your book it is a sign you shouldn’t be reading it.
  2. Switch it up: Read a book that is completely different from the books you have been reading. If you have been reading lots of fiction, pick up a non-fiction title and if you are full of too many facts pick up a fiction title. This can even be said for physical,e-books, and audio books; you may just need a switch up in your life.
  3.  Read a book you love: Whether this is Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Game of Thrones, or something else; go back to a tried and true. You don’t always have to be reading something new and sometimes you need to go back to an old favourite to remember why you love reading.
  4.  Talk to others: Reading doesn’t have to be a solo event so talk to others about having troubles finding a book you love. They can encourage you and maybe give you a great suggestion that they know you will love.
  5. Take a break: You aren’t a bad person or a bad reader if you take a break for a while. Sometimes you need some time to do something different. Spend your time listening to music or podcasts and come back to books when you are ready.

Have you ever had a reading slump? What have you done to help make it pass?

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