the best date night ideas

Today is Nigel and I’s 5th anniversary and over the years we have gone on quite a few dates. Some of these are quite typical while some may be a bit different from the norm.

I figured one of the most appropriate things to share on this day is some of my favourites, both recent ideas and some that harken back to our early dating days (where he would drive over an hour each way to see me).

Nigel also wrote a commemorative post for our anniversary which you can check out HERE 

Let me know some of your favourite date ideas in the comments down below.

  • Random meals: Starting on one of our earliest dates when we didn’t quite know what to eat we would go to a new grocery store and pick out a meal. But this couldn’t be just something from the ready prepared section, no it had to include something from all of the major food groups (though sometimes fruit gushers would stand in for fruit). It was so much fun to work through the store together and piece together things to make a full meal. We would then go drive to a park and eat in the car while talking or watching a movie on a computer. 
  • Board Game Night: Now board games are expensive, especially the nice ones, but Nigel and I have decided that instead of going out to a nice dinner we will buy a board game and then cook at home or pick up a $5 pizza. This helps build our board game collection and builds in an activity as well.
  • Fancy Ass Crafternoon: What is better than combining dollar store art supplies and wine and cheese? Not much I tell you. Pick out some nice cheese from the grocery store, pair with a bottle of wine, and then pick out some fun kids art supplies for cheap. Combine all for a fun time bringing out your inner child as well as enjoy some nice things as well 
Nothing goes better with wine and cheese than children’s crafts
  • Just drive: many wonderful dates for us have involved the car and just seeing what is out there. Sometimes we get out and go for a walk, sometimes we see something cool and go out and explore and sometimes we just keep driving until we are back where we started. Whatever it is it usually involves some good conversation and maybe some carpool karaoke
  • Doing things at non-peak times of day and year: This one is kind of vague, but it makes things a lot less crowded. Go see movies on a weekday afternoon, go do an outdoor activity in the rain, or find a time when not many people are doing things. You will still have tons of fun and you will be dodging less people.
At the top of the CN tower in the rain and fog
  • Try New and Weird Things: Whether it is ordering the frog’s legs on the menu, or trying an activity that you are sure you won’t like it is always more fun to try things together and if you hate it you still have a story to tell
  • Search out fun and cheap things going on in your city: Craft fairs, carnivals, cheap plays, community events are all really fun date ideas that let you experience your city in a different way and try something new. Plus it is always great to support local

What are some of your favourite date ideas? What have you loved doing with your partner?

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