Liebster Award Nomination – My First Award!

I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award by Crushed Caramel which is so exciting, especially as I am coming up on my one year of blogging on this blog, fivestarredlife. 

The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers and continues throughout the internet. I am so honoured to have been chosen and am very excited to write this post. This post is also nice as you get to learn some new things about me and my blog.


  • Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award
  • Answer 8 questions that the blogger gave you
  • Give 8 random thoughts about yourself
  • Nominate 8 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination
  • Ask your nominees 8 questions


How long have you been blogging for and why did you start blogging?

My experience with blogging has been vast and quite long. My first blog was for school and I started it over 10 years ago. I obviously no longer use that blog and have cycled through a few blogs since (some alone and some jointly with friends), I even have a blog I created for a university final project that is cited by Wikipedia! This blog I started almost a year ago as I found myself wanting to be more creative and share some of my thoughts with the world.

What kind of food do you enjoy during the colder winter months?

During the winter I love warm and comforting foods; so soups, stews, and hearty meals. I also love Indian curries and other dishes and the flavours are very comforting to me.

Do you wear hats and if so – what kind of hats?

I am not a big fan of hats in the summer, though I will wear them when I am hiking in the heat. In the winter I love wearing toques (or beanies as non Canadians call them)

Have you ever had any unusual jobs or ways to earn money?

I don’t think any of my jobs would be considered unusual, but I did spend 5 summers of my life working at a Summer Camp.

What do you do to cheer yourself up when your heart has been broken by someone?

Cheesy movies, upbeat music, and lots of chocolate

Have you ever worked on a construction site?

I helped to build a house in Mexico when I was a teenager, but that is the only construction site I have ever worked on.

Have you ever had an overnight stay in hospital? How was your experience?

I am fortunate to have never been to the hospital, or even doctor for more than I checkup, since I was born so no experience with this.

Have you always lived in the same area? Or have you relocated within the same country or abroad?

I lived in the same house for the first 22 years of my life, but then I moved back and forth across the country 4 times in the next 2 years. Now I am back somewhat close to where I grew up and have no desire to move far away again.

8 Random Thoughts

  1. I love watching cooking shows on TV and Netflix, especially if they care more about the food than the personalities of the people cooking. I am currently loving “The Final Plate”
  2. After spending the past two years in a not as rainy climate I am trying to get used to living in a rain forest again
  3. I am working on reading my 300th book of the year and hoping to beat last years amount of 320
  4. I love to bake and if I am stressed, you will probably find me in the kitchen
  5. The perfect evening for me would involve a hot bath, a good book, and a face mask
  6. I was in school straight from ages 4-24 and am very glad to be done, but also happy to have my masters
  7. I love planning and am currently planning a vacation to Disney World, but I love planning the little things as well such as meals and outfits
  8. Thrift shopping is my favourite way to get new clothes, probably 80% of my closet is thrifted


  1. Growing Inside Shrinking Outside
  2. Living Simple and Natural
  3. Rachel Tea Reads
  4. Katie – Friendly Neighbourhood Librarian
  5. April – Grumpy Skin
  6. Alys – Alys Journals
  7. Mindfully Dressed

My 8 Questions

  1. What is your one goal for the final month of 2018?
  2. Do you like winter? Why or why not?
  3. Are you a tidy or a messy person? 
  4. What is your goal for your blog? What do you hope people get from your posts?
  5. If you could only wear one outfit for the next month what would you wear?
  6. Do you have a ritual when you wake up or before you go to bed? If so, what is it?
  7. What is your least favourite chore around the house?
  8. Do you have a feel good movie? What is it?

Thanks again for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts, I enjoyed sharing more with you.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great answers Andrea! Lovely post.


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