making our house a home – an Ikea haul and home update

We have been living in our small little home for 8 months now and every day I go to bed thinking that this is a bit more home than it was the day before. Now I am trying to live my life in a minimalist way and thus try not to buy things too often, especially when I have nowhere to put things. But I also feel like making the space you live fit your needs is important and that there is importance to buying things every once in a while.

Living in a space is also the best way to figure out what your space needs. I don’t think that you should ever buy things right away, especially big things for your home without really figuring out what fits your life and the space.

Saying all that this past weekend Nigel and I went on a trip to Ikea. Now I love shopping at Ikea and really making it into an experience. And while I know Ikea isn’t always the best place to shop they do seem to be making strides in sustainable living and have pledged to use only recyclable and recycled materials by 2030, remove all single use plastics by 2020, and generally becoming more climate positive.

We picked up a variety of products including glass containers, an entryway bench, lights, soap dispensers, and a few fake plants (since my track record with real ones is not so great).

Now I set to work setting all these items up in my house.  The main item was the entry bench and it is amazing how much it has changed up our tiny space. We now have a place to sit down to put on shoes, a place to set my backpack and some storage for our shoes. This was greatly needed in our small space and I feel like we gained a full room.

Our new bench

The plants have found their homes around the house in the kitchen and bathroom. Just yesterday I found that my aloe plant seemed to have killed itself so I have another pot to put another fake plant in later. I love how all these look however and they are really brightening up their rooms.

The lights were added to my centerpiece decor as well as a way to decorate my headboard in the bedroom.

Lastly are the jars which have already been filled with pasta and homemade hummus.

Now having a haul post may not be typical for a minimalist but I have found that minimalism is not buying nothing but rather buying intentionally and only what actually fits your space and your lifestyle. By actually living in our space for months we were able to assess and know what would fit our life the best.

Do you enjoy decorating and styling your space? What is your design style? 

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