how i organize and store my photos

Decades ago photos were taken with much more care. Every photo you took would have to be developed and you would have one (or multiple) versions of every photo that you snapped. This meant that less photos were taken, but everyone had tons of albums and could easily look back at photos and memories.

Now we all have amazing camera’s in our pockets and snap tons of photos all the time, posting photos to social media and we have so much to look back on but we barely print out photos anymore.

I knew that I wanted photos in my house but wasn’t wanting to be printing out tons of photos individually or making fancy scrapbooked albums so I decided to start a tradition of printing photo albums.

(Note: I personally use Mixbook, but I am not in any way affiliated with them, I just like their designs, quality, and they always have coupons)

The first photo book I made was our wedding album and I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to continue. I decided that I wanted to make one every year, picking out the best memories of the year and turning it into a way to both remind ourselves and show others our lives.

When Nigel and I went on our Honeymoon we got a free photo book so we have a smaller book for that occasion. Big trips often come with a lot of photos so they get their own book and just a mention in the yearly wrap up.

If I was a more prepared person I would save photos all year in one spot to use in the photo book, but in reality at the end of December you will find me connecting mine and my husbands phones to search through photos, going back through social media over the year, and finding any and all photos we are tagged in.

I then work on putting the book together. As I previously said I love Mixbook because they have templates that come with stickers, fonts, and backgrounds. All I have to do is place the photos and be on my way.

I love how minimal these books are and how polished they look on our coffee table. I love when people come over and look through them and I love looking through them ourselves and reliving the memories of the past three years.

Do you store your photos anywhere or are they just digital? What do you do with photos?

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