my winter 10×10 challenge

The sun is shining right now as I write this and I am daydreaming of spring and pulling out my warm weather clothes out from under the bed, but before that happens we have a few more months of winter.

To celebrate these clothes that I still have right now and try out some new fashion combinations I have decided to do another 10×10 challenge.

If you are not sure how one of these works you can do it in a variety of ways, but in essence you pick 10 items of clothing (including shoes and outerwear if you really want to make it difficult) and mix and match these for 10 days. I have done a few of these and you can check them out here:

Laying out options trying to figure out what to pick

For this challenge I chose:

  1. Black Jeans
  2. Grey dress pants
  3. Mustard Skirt
  4. Grey Dress
  5. Black Leggings
  6. White Sweater
  7. Blue t-shirt
  8. Maroon Sweater
  9. Blue and White Polka Dot Shirt
  10. Rust Cardigan

Now I have to say that I really failed on the photo taking this time and only took photos of 5 of the days that I wore outfits, but I did wear 10 different outfits for the 10 days. Even sadder is that I didn’t take a picture of the outfit I enjoyed the most and are excited to wear again which is the blue and white polka dot shirt tucked into the mustard skirt. It is a combination that I never would have worn before this challenge and really ended up loving.

Another combination that I love is wearing a shorter sweater (such as my maroon one) on top of a dress to change it up and make it look like a skirt and you really can’t tell that you are wearing all the same clothes.

Now I didn’t take a picture every day but I did keep track of how often I wore each item to see what really got the most wear.

  1. Black Jeans – 3
  2. Grey dress pants – 2
  3. Mustard Skirt – 2
  4. Grey Dress – 2
  5. Black Leggings – 5
  6. White Sweater – 3
  7. Blue t-shirt – 2
  8. Maroon Sweater – 2
  9. Blue and White Polka Dot Shirt – 2
  10. Rust Cardigan – 1

By far the item worn the most is the black leggings but that is because I wore it under the skirt, dress, as well as on a home day as pants. Only the cardigan was worn only once and that is because it could really only be worn over the dress which was maybe a bit of a mistake.

I did end up switching up some of my initial picks one day in as an outfit combination I really wanted to work didn’t, but overall I was really happy with the choices that I made for this season’s challenge.

When I started doing these 10×10 challenges I was worried that people at work would notice that I was wearing the same things over and over, but by this point I have realized that no one really care about what you are wearing and you notice yourself way more than anyone else.

I am excited to do more of these as the weather warms up and maybe even try out a 33 item challenge for a season in the summer.

Have you ever done a 10×10 challenge or something similar?

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  1. minimallol says:

    Hi there, thanks for a great post! I love you much you were able to mix and match everything. I have tried the 10 x 10 challenge as well, but didn’t photo any of the outfits! Seeing the photos really brought the post to life, Lxx


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