declutter with me: kitchen

Note: This declutter is specifically dealing with non-food kitchen items and I will be working with the food items next month.

Both my husband and I enjoy being in the kitchen, baking and cooking and making lots of messes, but that also means that we have collected a lot of kitchen utensils and items that we really don’t use.

It was time of a clean out of the kitchen cupboards and so one Saturday the two of us got to work.

I pulled out all of the utensils from their drawers and went through them one by one deciding if they were used enough to warrant keeping them. Some went to my husband’s work and some went into the donate bin.

We also went through every cupboard, tossing the storage containers that were way to gross to give away and donating the excess travel mugs and water bottles that seem to come from nowhere. We also are getting rid of our popcorn maker which has started shooting up embers and we don’t feel safe using it, so that is something that will be replaced.

The area I was most proud of was the drawer I arranged to become specifically for lunch prep. I now keep my lunch bag in there, along with beeswax wraps, small bags I use for snacks, and the small containers that I prep yogurt or applesauce in. It is so nice to have that one area where I can go for everything lunch related.

I also tried my best to rearrange any other cupboard to make the things we use the most up front and those we only use on occasion to the back of the shelves.

I know feel a lot better about the amount of things I have in my kitchen and feel like I can find the things I do have a lot better.

Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

  1. Think about how often you use this item – have you used it in the past year or do you only have because you think every kitchen needs one?
  2. Can what this utensil do be done by something else? – my husband is great for this as he pretty much refuses to get anything that he can do with just a simple knife
  3. Is this is the space that I need it when I am cooking? – rearrange the kitchen so the things you use the most are very accessible and others are more tucked away
  4. How many of _________ do I need? We had a bunch of rubber spatulas and really we need at max 2 so we got rid of the ones that we didn’t like as much as we never reached for them anyways
  5. Create spaces for a specific use not a specific item – my lunch supplies used to be spread across the entire kitchen as they were kept with similar items, but now I only have to go to one area which is so much better

Thanks for reading and decluttering with me. What area would you like to see me tackle next?

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  1. agshap says:

    Exactly what I need to do. I have things in my drawers that I havent used since I moved in….like the car key that the former owner left there….waiting for her to claim it? By now not happening….what possessed me to keep it?


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