spring wardrobe switchover


As March began I really began to have a massive itch to change up my wardrobe. There was still snow on the ground but the combination of getting a little bit tired of my winter clothing and getting a few new spring and summer pieces from the thrift store I was really ready to make the change.

As soon as I could see warmer weather popping up in the weather app I knew that I could pull the switch and spent a Saturday morning going through all of my clothes. I pulled out my warm weather clothes from the bin under the bed, pulled out all my clothes from my dresser and closet and set to work deciding what was going to stay, go into storage, be pulled out to wear, and finally what had had its time in my wardrobe and was ready to be passed on to someone else.

I really wanted to pay attention to the number of clothes that were coming in and out so I kept a spreadsheet of each section as I went through them and figured it would be nice to share with all of you. While there are many people that have a lot fewer clothes than I do I really feel like I have curated a wardrobe that works well for me and fills any gaps I may have.

Also to note: I donate clothes all of the time when something doesn’t fit right anymore, I don’t like it anymore, or it just doesn’t fit my aesthetic anymore. Because of this there is more items that I have donated in the past few months that aren’t shown in these numbers.

all my clothes piled up on the bed

to explain the chart:

  • type – self explanitory
  • keep – items currently in the closet/dresser that are staying for spring/summer
  • add – items from storage or latest trip that are being added to the total
  • current total – current number of items in my wardrobe
  • store – items going into storage until fall
  • donate – items that are being donated
  • total – total number of clothing items that I own
typekeepaddcurrent totalstoredonatetotal
button ups213104
sleeveless shirts0660-36
outer sweaters606006

As soon as those winter clothes were packed away and my wardrobe was filled with warmer colours, lighter fabrics, and the feeling of spring it felt like a weight had been lifted. In this past week of wearing clothes from my new wardrobe (in weather that may have been still a little chilly for it) it feels like a brand new experience.

Most of these clothes aren’t new. A few I purchased at the thrift store, but the majority have just been in storage since September. That is what I love about switching up the clothes every year. Things that aren’t new feel brand new because I haven’t seen them in six months and I haven’t needed to add to the wardrobe.

I also feel more confident in my clothes than ever before. I feel like I am really starting to understand my style and the clothes that make me feel the most comfortable at both work and home. I love being able to look into my closet and love every piece that is in there and it has taken quite a few years to get to that place.

Here are some of my tips to making your wardrobe your own:

  1. Wear only what makes you comfortable
  2. Store off season clothing away to keep your wardrobe uncluttered and to make them new again when you bring them out
  3. Keep track of the clothes you keep coming back to and make those the staples in your wardrobe
  4. Only go shopping with specific items in mind. This summer I knew I wanted to add a pair of lightly distressed jeans, a light coloured cardigan, and a new dress so I went to the thrift store with those items in mind. This keep you from impulse buying and only fills the holes that you have in your wardrobe.
  5. Have fun. Don’t feel like you need to follow trends, dress how someone else tells you to, or feel like you have to dress in a certain way. You look best in what you feel best in

There is not much that brings me more joy that getting refresh and change up my closet. Catch me wearing the clothes that make me feel like it is spring in my heart and soul.

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  1. Love this! I’ve definitely been feeling the urge to refresh my closet as well! It’s been a while since I read the book, but I remember Marie Kondo discouraging the idea of storing out of season clothes. I tend to agree with you though–I love pulling clothes out of storage with the change of seasons and feeling like I have a whole new wardrobe!


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