25 things that I accomplished in my 25th year

Today I have become a quarter of a century old and honestly, that is crazy. I feel like everyone has a image in their mind of what their life will look like when they are 25 and I don’t think it was similar to what it really is. For one I always thought I would get married at 25 (welp, that happened at 22), and I certainly never thought that I would have moved across the country as many times as I have. I am very happy with where my life is currently however no matter how different it is from what I imagined.

Last year I wrote for my birthday 24 things that I learned in 24 years which you can read here but I figured I would switch it up a bit this year and talk about some of the things that made this year one of the best yet

  1. Was in my Best Friend’s Wedding
  2. Graduated with my Masters! (and experienced some impostor syndrome)
  3. Got my first post-grad job
  4. Moved back to British Columbia and furnished our first place
  5. Planted some vegetables and kept them alive all summer
  6. Walked and explored a new neighbourhood
  7. Took a road trip to Portland
  8. Bought my first real Christmas tree
  9. Went on a girls weekend away
  10. Went vegetarian and sweets free for a month
  11. Took my Husband on a vacation to DisneyWorld
  12. Did a variety of 10×10 challenges to minimize my wardrobe
  13. Switched to reusable products to reduce my waste
  14. Read almost 300 books since this time last year
  15. Got in a better habit of meal and clothes prep for my busy week
  16. Celebrated my two year wedding anniversary
  17. Worked on decluttering all of the aspects of my home
  18. Educated myself on sustainability and living a lower impact life
  19. Found an awesome group of friends that I really connect with
  20. Became really into podcasts
  21. Celebrated my one year anniversary of this blog (and have almost hit 175 followers!)
  22. Switched to more cruelty free products
  23. Spent lots of good time with family
  24. Became even closer to my husband and strengthened our marriage
  25. Had my personal best year ever!

This really was a year for the book and it has been really fun looking back at everything that happened the past 365 days. I hope you check out some of the blog posts I have linked in the list and have a great year going forward!

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