i tried to do yoga every day in march…here’s what happened


I enjoy doing yoga. As someone who has quite a sore set of shoulders and neck I enjoy spending time stretching out my body, relaxing, and taking time to be with myself and not be distracted by social media and other life worries.

I decided to set myself a challenge for the month of March, do some yoga every single day. I decided to follow on YouTube Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga since it was n easy way to follow and it was something that was already created for me:

I didn’t set myself a time of day to do this, but rather just tried to make at least 20-30 minutes of each day dedicated to yoga.

How did it go?

It went…..okay. The first week was great, I took time every day and did the videos, learning to breath, feel more in tune with my body and taking time away from the rest of everything and then one day I didn’t have time. It is always so much easier to say no the second day and before I knew it the full second week went by without taking out my yoga mat once.

I didn’t even get back into it with another video, instead I spent a few minutes right before bed doing some of the moves I had learned by myself. This made me realize that I could still do something and that something was better than nothing.

I would say the final two weeks were 75% successful with a combination of following videos (just picking ones that I wanted to do that day) and spending a few minutes doing something by myself and I realized that by just enjoying myself and not stressing out about doing all 30 videos I was able to do more.

What Didn’t Go Well

Well I probably did yoga about 12 times in the entire month (and that is a guess since I didn’t actually count) and I found that it became all too easy to sit on the couch and not do anything. I also was bad a planning in that if I knew I was going to have plans in the evening I should have made the time in the morning for my yoga practice.

What went well

Even though I didn’t succeed at actually doing yoga every day I felt myself becoming more grounded throughout the month. I enjoyed knowing more stretching and movements to do when I needed to move my body and at times when I felt myself getting stressed instead of getting overwhelmed I found myself using the breathing techniques to calm myself down.

Overall I don’t know if I would call this challenge a success, but I do feel like I am better at yoga, more flexible, and better in tune with my body since before the month began. Sticking with a routine isn’t always the easiest for me but the more I try and make things a part of my routine the more I will see improvements in my life.

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  1. lexiiscott says:

    I love yoga too! But I know what you mean by it being hard to find motivation after missing one day!

    Check out my latest post!

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  2. yogibanker says:

    Great work. Yoga practice is about dedication…..You’ll notice the difference after awhile. even if you don’t manage to practice every day.


  3. I made a goal this year to practice it every day… not surprisingly I haven’t ha ha! I am managing 2-3 classes a week though. It’s so good for the body and mind! X


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