taking time for self care


The words self care are very popular right now and have almost become something to make fun of. It has also become something that is curated for Instagram and something that is meant to take hours which I think is detrimental to actual self care.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have hours every day to pamper myself or the money to go to the spa or Hawaii every time that I need a break (who does except for Instagram models?) but I do need to take that time for myself.

Here are some of the ways that I incorporate self care into my day to day life

  1. Set alarms earlier than I need to – I love being able to turn off alarms without feeling bad and also I hate rushing in the morning so I make my mornings better by having one alarm I can fall asleep after turning off and more to slowly get me ready for the day
  2. Go for walks – Even though my office is in the middle of a city I am still able to take a walk at lunch around the block which is a great escape from the computer and the office life in the middle of the day
  3. Saturday Morning Baths – I love a bath but I don’t always have time for them in the evening so I have found that Saturday morning is the best time for me. It starts my weekend off right and gets me ready for the rest of my tasks
  4. Saturday Morning Cinnamon Buns – After my bath on Saturday I usually follow it up with two Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. It is my weekend treat and is special after my weekly breakfasts of yogurt and toast
  5. Makeup and Skincare – spending time on my face is something that relaxes me and I love taking a few minutes each day to focus on that. You can learn about my skincare routine in a recent post here
  6. Bake – I stress bake so quite often you will find me baking if I have been stressed and by the end I am usually feeling a lot better plus I have baking at the end of it!
  7. Take a break – Last week I didn’t blog at all and that was because I knew it would make me more stressed. I decided to enjoy the time that I did have and sometimes it is okay to cut out something extra.

Those are some of the simple ways that I incorporate self care into my busy life. What are some of your simple self care tips?

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  1. This is a great list! It’s always a great reminder to take some time for self-care and especially during day to day life.


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