things i’ve used lately – spring 2019 empties


as many of you know from reading many of my other posts, I really enjoy my makeup and skincare. It is an integral part of my morning and evening routines and it is something that brings me joy. It is also something that creates a lot of waste and I am working on switching some of these things to more sustainable options as well as figuring out ways to use the materials after they have been used by me

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Also to note I have been completely cruelty free for almost two years now so all of these products reflect that

Body Care:

  1. Deodorant – I have two empties here, one from Tom’s and one from Schmidt’s. I liked both of them but the Schmidt’s is very much my current favourite. Nigel and I both use the Bergamot and Lime scent and really enjoy it. One day I would like to try making my own or switching to one found in glass jar.
  2. Body Butter – This is definitely the product I go through the most, as I have 4 full size containers as well as a travel size. This is something I would like to try to make myself once I finish up the ones I have still stored in my bathroom


  1. Bubble Bath – I really love my bubble bath and it is really hard to find cruelty free bubble bath so I have been using body wash when I don’t use a lush bath bomb (as those can get pricey every bath). I recently made my own bubble bath with just a few ingredients and am excited to use that instead


  1. Shampoo – I have found this combination of shampoos really great. Unfortunately I haven’t found a solid shampoo that works that great in my hair for long periods of time so until then I will keep using these two Jason shampoos.


  1. Micellar Water – I use this as a second cleanser when removing my makeup with my reusable cotton rounds and really like it. This one can only be found in the states however so I am using a different brand at the moment
  2. Tea Tree Toner – I have gone through so many of these that I have lost count. I tried to switch to a different toner, but my face reacted badly to it so I am back to this Toner (probably forever)
  3. Greased Lightning – I really love this serum, but I am currently using two from The Ordinary that are in glass bottles which are very nice and I am really enjoying at the moment
  4. Jason Moisturizer – I really enjoyed this lightweight moisturizer and am now working on a few small samples I have and in search of something new. If you have a great cruelty free moisturizer let me know!


  1. Foundation – This has been my go to foundation for the past three years and I have really loved it but recently switched to the Fenty Foundation to try that out for a bit. This an the other makeup packaging I can return to L’occitane who recycle cosmetic packaging with Terra Cycle
  2. Powder – This essence powder is the best powder I have found so far in my cruelty free journey and I am almost through another one of them
  3. Lip Crayon – I really love these lip pencils from Bite and have a few other products of theirs that I am working through
  4. Mascara – I really like the essence mascara, especially as this is one of the things that I refuse to spend a lot of money on. I know there are a few places that accept clean mascara wands to help clean animals in shelters, but there aren’t currently any near me who do that
  5. Lip Balm – This is the best lip balm in the world and both Nigel and I swear by this in the winter to clear up our chapped lips


  1. Makeup sponge – this sponge was from ELF and I really didn’t like it very much

These are all the products that I have used up since last November and while I am working on transitioning some things to more eco-friendly options many of these products I love and know I will be continuing to purchase.

What are some of your favourite products?

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