declutter with me – living room


The living room is a major room in all of homes, I mean it is literally in the name.

For me my living room is also my:

  • TV watching room
  • planning room
  • sitting on the couch reading room
  • sometimes dinner table
  • and many other things based on the day

Because of all of this it can also become the place where everything accumulates and nothing really has a place. I also struggle with the fact that I have very little storage so anything in my living room is pretty much on display.

I do my main hobby of planning in the living room and many of my supplies are kept here which can get messy and overwhelming pretty quickly. This is where storage solutions come in handy which is what I found a few weeks back at IKEA. This fulfills two purposes; one in that it holds everything I need but also I know that I can’t hold more than is available to hold.

I am fortunate to live in the world of streaming so I don’t have piles of DVD’s and music which many people do have but if that is something that you have check and see if they are things you do actually want to watch over and over again and if so if it is something you can watch without having the physical item.

I also like that I have semi-see through cabinets so I can’t let things get too messy which is very handy. These cabinets mostly hold our board and card games, which actually increased by one while writing this post (the game Villainous which is about Disney Villains) and they are a small collection that I am really enjoying collecting and having around.

Having storage that also doubles as other things is very handy as well. I have a basket that is used for storing extra blankets which is also a side table and another ottoman which is used as storage for my husbands extra controllers and headphones for the video game console.

Overall I didn’t get rid of much in this area, but rather found better storage for the things I did have so that this very well used spot in my house remains neater and more organized when I do need to use things.

Tips for decluttering and organizing your living room:

  • Think about what the room is used for the most and make sure those activities can be done easily and the items that you need for them are close by
    • ex: I use a blanket regularly, even in summer, so it doesn’t make sense for me to put it away every day, but rather to drape it on the back of the couch so it is accessible
  • Don’t have storage that you don’t need, it will just attract more items that don’t need to be in the space
  • When you do have items that need to be stored have storage options that double as furniture, such as an ottoman or side table
  • Be ruthless about what items you want to watch or listen to in the future and if you can get them elsewhere
  • Consolidate items
    • can your three remotes be programmed into one?
  • Display only items that really bring joy
    • lots of items on display can bring clutter to the eyes and if there are too many things you may forget to appreciate the things you really love

Good luck with cleaning out your living room and check out my other decluttering posts below:

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