plan with me – how i organize my week


I have written before about how planning is my hobby and how spending time to decoratively plan out my week helps keeps me organized, but creative at the same time.

Today I have decided to show you how I plan out my week and use it to organize my week including what I plan ahead of time and what I wait until after to fill out.

If you want to learn more about the planner that I am using this year check out my post from last year, choosing the perfect planner or an introduction to setting up my 2019 planner.

This week I am using a sticker set from the shop Planner Penguin which is a place I have bought stickers from for years. I love that they are relatively local to me and I love their sets as I use the majority of them in my weekly life. It is a fun, summery, kit, that I hope will bring some more sun and nice weather this week.

I start always with picking out some washi tape to put along the bottom and divide up the date. I have quite a collection so I can usually find some that match the colours of the collection which is green and pink this week. I then start by placing the full box decorative stickers down on each day to bring some colour right away. I try and mix up where they are placed in the column.

Then I place down the two types of sticker that are used every day. Checklists and my dinner planning box. I try and put the checklist near the top of the column and the dinner box near the bottom and mix up the colours as best as I can.

I then usually move on to the sidebar which is similar each week to show some of the things that will be happening all week.

Throughout the week I now place stickers for the events that I need to keep track of for the week. This can be things that happen the same time every week, such as our Life Group or things such as going to the library, paying my credit card bill, or tasks such as blogs or specific cleaning tasks.

Lastly I like to put some decorative stickers that show what tasks will be completed that day or events such as garbage day and pay day.

Once all of the stickers are down I start to fill out some of the areas which I already know what to write. On the sidebar I like to put Nigel’s schedule here since his schedule varies from week to week (unlike mine which is 8-4:30 M-F which is easy to remember). I have also my workout schedule and a checkbox for watering my plants since if it is warm it needs to happen every day.

Throughout the week I can fill out some of the checkbox tasks that I know that I have to do as well as the major events and blog posts. This will get more filled out as the week goes on and I figure out the tasks that need to happen, but there are some that I already know.

The main item that I don’t fill out is dinner. This is because I write them on a whiteboard on the fridge (you can read this post about meal planning to find out more). Since I find that dinner plans can change quickly I like to write them after so that I don’t have to cross out and write new items.

These are the stickers that I am left with at the end. Some of these will get used throughout the week as I plan more and the ones that are left will be stored to use in weeks when I am not planning out of a kit and am trying to use up some of the leftovers.

How do you plan for your week?

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