growing and eating locally


I love knowing where my food is coming from and I love being able to buy locally.

I remember when we lived in Alberta and all of the cucumber, peppers, and tomatoes in every grocery store were from a few kilometers away and knowing that the food hadn’t traveled around the entire world in order to get to me was a nice change.

I have loved being able to go to farmers markets and small grocery stores, buying produce in the summer that is coming from the many farms that live around me, but I have taken it a bit further this year.


I have never really done much gardening before, but this year I decided to really go for it, getting a planter box from Costco and planting a bunch of things from seeds. We planted Strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, green onion, zucchini, and spinach. It has been so cool getting to see these things grow and watching them change by the day.

So far we have only been able to harvest spinach, but it was enough to make a salad for dinner which we topped with candied walnuts, dates, goat cheese, and a red pepper vinaigrette.

I can’t wait to hopefully harvest more this summer and eat some more things that we can say we grew ourselves.

Veggie Box

For the last month we have been getting a weekly veggie box delivered to just a few blocks away from our house from a farm that Nigel passes every day on his drive to work. I love this as a chance to eat local veggies and to see what is in season.

Every week we get an email detailing what is in the box that week and it has been quite a variety. There are about 7 different items each week and there is always something that I have never cooked with before which is so fun to try and find out how to cook it and what to make.

Some of my favourite things that I have made with our veggies so far is a Spinach and Leek pot pie that Nigel couldn’t stop talking about, rhubarb crumble muffins, and some great stir fry’s.

I am so excited to see what sort of veggies come our way this summer and to find out more about what grows when and the growing seasons in our area.


We are so blessed where we live to be surround by fruit fields that give us delicious berries and fruit all summer long. Strawberry season has just begun and we have already worked through almost an entire flat of ripe juicy berries. It is amazing how much better the local fruit is than the once shipped over from California and Mexico and as we work our way through the summer it will be filled will so many berries.

We always work to eat as much fresh as we can, but we also try to freeze the rest so we can have the local berries for as long as possible.

As long as I can take advantage of these local fruits and veggies I will, trying out new recipes, and helping to save the planet a little bit as well.

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