project 333 – one month check in


With the turn of the calendar to July it means that my project 333 is one third over.

For a recap of my goals for my summer wardrobe click here but the jist of it is:

  • 33 Items of clothing all summer which includes clothes, shoes, and outerwear
  • I am not including accessories or jewelry
  • June 1 – August 31
  • One week break when I am at summer camp
  • One wedding outfit I will be using twice is not included

I decided to mark my clothes choices by drawing my outfit each day which was quite fun, it was cool to be a little bit artistic and then I didn’t need to worry about taking a photo each day. It is also nice to look back and see what I wore more than other things over the course of the month.

I did wear all thirty three items in the first 30 days of this challenge some more than others. It didn’t really start getting warm till the end of the month so the shorts only got worn once and other items got worn a lot more for work uses.

There were two items that I wore in the month that were not a part of my 33 items. One were my running shoes for times when I was out in the woods at camp and for two days when it was pouring rain I wore my rain jacket to work. Both these additions were needed in the moment so I do not feel bad about them.

After the first month I will be making one change in the thirty three items. I found that the purple blouse was a bit too limited in what I could wear with it so I am switching it for a new thrifted blouse that I got last week. This is something I was specifically looking for and that will go with many of my bottoms.

There are a few things that I have learned this month as I have worked through these clothes

  1. Laundry takes more care – I am a person who doesn’t wash things after every wear so when there are only 33 items you have to be careful to not have too many things in the wash at once or I don’t have anything to wear
  2. You need to get creative. I love that I got to try some new wardrobe combinations by putting a skirt on top of a dress or putting together tops and bottoms that I don’t normally wear together
  3. No one notices – I don’t think anyone at work has noticed that my wardrobe has shrunk so much and when I asked my husband if he could really tell and he said it didn’t seem like I was repeating myself too much

Overall I have been really enjoying this experiment and I haven’t grown too tired of these clothes just yet. Check in next month to see how another 31 days goes for me.

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