tackling my reading list – netgalley reviewathon

I have been reviewing books on NetGalley for over two years now, and while the excitement of getting new books before they hit the shelves hasn’t yet gone away I love it for more than just that.

I love sharing books with people and I love being able to share my thoughts about them. NetGalley has also introduced me to so many books that I would have never known about if it wasn’t for this site.

This week NetGalley has started a 6 week challenge called the #reviewathon which is meant for people to share their shelves, how they review, and more.

Here are the challenges for those who would like to participate:

  1. Show Off Your TBR (To Be Reviewed)
  2. What Are You Currently Reading?
  3. Share Your Review Writing Process
  4. Shout Out Fave Bookstagrammers
  5. Take a Shelfie
  6. Share Your Reviewathon Wrap-Up

For this first week, I have picked some of my coming up reads and created a collage of them.

These are all books coming out in September (and one October) and I am so excited for all of them for multiple reasons. I love how diverse the selection is and the first book that I have started “Motherhood so White” has already taught me so much.

I am excited to follow along with the challenges, and meeting new people who love reviewing books as much as I do.

Keep checking out my Instagram @andreaconnors23 to follow along with the challenges and here on the blog as I will be sharing more challenges as well as I am sure a few will be featured in my monthly best books blog posts (July coming next week!)

Happy Reading! I hope you can cross some books of your TBR (whether that is read or reviewed) in the next six weeks!

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