project 333 – july update

I have officially been wearing the same 33 items of clothing for two months now and what an experience it has been. This month was a little bit of different one as I did stop the challenge for a week, but there were still three weeks that I did continue with my 33 item wardrobe.

For a recap of my goals for my summer wardrobe click here but the jist of it is:

  • 33 Items of clothing all summer which includes clothes, shoes, and outerwear
  • I am not including accessories or jewelry
  • June 1 – August 31
  • One week break when I am at summer camp
  • One wedding outfit I will be using twice is not included

For a look at my June recap you can check out the post here

Last month I drew all of my outfits, but I decided to do something a little different this month in that I just took track in a chart of all of the items so that I could truly see what items I wear the most, and which I barely touch.

I only counted on the days when I was at home and did wear all my items, even though there is one tank top it looks like I didn’t wear. This is very interesting to look back on and see what I did wear and what I didn’t wear very often. I am overall not too surprised as some of the things I didn’t wear as often are harder to mix and match. They may also play into anything I get rid of at the end of August if I feel I don’t wear them enough to keep owning them.

Last month I made one substitution in the 33 items and I did again this month as well. In the first week I bought a new shirt from a local store and a local company which I really loved and I wanted to start wearing right away. I decided to switch it out for a dress that I have ended up donating. The dress isn’t that old to me (I bought it from the thrift store), but after wearing it to work a few times it was a bit too short for my comfort and the neck was a little bit too tight.

This month has also shown how old one of my other dresses is as I have owned it for probably 5 years at this point. It is piling really badly and while I am working on fixing it, it may be time to give it up at the end of the challenge because it has lasted me so long.

Although I did take one week off this month I really haven’t found myself getting tired of my clothes yet and I am still finding new ways to wear items. No one else has really noticed my lack of clothing either which really shows how little a big closet matters.

Here are some of the things I learned this month:

  1. Even with only 33 items there are still items I wear a lot more than others and I need to work to make sure everything gets worn
  2. I really think I can live with a closet about this size, I just will want to add a few more items for weekends and non-work days as I don’t have much for that right now (aka only one pair of jeans and shorts)
  3. I know I will need to pair down my fall wardrobe as well and I am excited to start figuring out what is going to be included in that
  4. One of my favourite dresses is actually a sleepshirt, but I will keep on wearing it as a dress and Nigel told me last week that I am not allowed to get rid of it

Month 2 Recap:

  • New Items: 1
  • Donated Items: 1
  • Removed from Challenge: 0

Total Recap:

  • New Items: 2
  • Donated Items: 1
  • Removed from Challenge: 1

Have you ever considered making a capsule wardrobe or doing Project 333? Let me know your thoughts on reducing your wardrobe!

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