a week of eating – how I use my weekly veggie box


In my efforts to shop more locally and also to reduce waste and get more veggies into my diet, I started getting a local CSA (or community sourced agriculture) box from a farm called Crisp Organics.

Every week we get a box full of fresh veggies (and sometimes fruit) and I love knowing exactly where all of this was grown and that it is so fresh and local. I also love that I have gotten to try new things such as sunchokes, and kohlrabi and even the things that I am used to such as potatoes taste so much better.

This week’s box was particularly amazing so I wanted to document it and share what I made with all of the ingredients. It included:

  • Zucchini
  • Basil
  • Corn
  • Kale
  • Swiss Chard
  • Carrots
  • Strawberries

I was the one who picked up the box this week which meant that I was the one who smelt like really fragrant basil on the bus, but taking all of this home and filling up the fridge is such a highlight of the week.

I always meal plan for the week after picking up the box so that I can figure out the best way to highlight their freshness and beauty.

Here is what we made this week:

  • Strawberries – now there was nothing to do with these except just eat them, and let me tell you they were some of the best strawberries that I have ever had in my life. I cut them up for work with some Okanagan peaches and they were perfect
  • Corn – This corn was so yellow and creamy and I ate it straight off the cob with some basil butter (as was suggested by the farmers) and it was a like a little taste of summer
  • Basil – some of the basil was used in the aforementioned basil butter and the rest we just chopped up and put in the freezer for when we need some fresh herbs
  • Zucchini – On my meal prep Sunday I roasted the zucchini with some sweet potato to use with my lunches throughout the week
  • Swiss Chard – Some of the swiss chard was used on the veggie burgers we ate with the corn which wasn’t what I would have normally chosen, but it really worked well. Then Nigel took the rest in a chickpea ceasar wrap.
  • Carrots – The carrots were roasted up with some of our own home grown radishes and there is nothing quite like some fresh roasted carrots (now to hope my own grow just as well)
  • Kale – last but not least the kale. I have been really loving making kale chips lately and I have really perfected my recipe. These are great for a crunchy snack at work and make me feel a little bit better than regular chips

It has been such a great summer of eating fresh and local and trying out new things.

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