take yourself on a date


Yesterday I went out for 6 hours by myself. I went on a bus adventure, shopped, got some treats, and spent time in my garden. It is something I never do, but something I think I (and everyone) should do more.

You see I love being alone, but one my alone days I usually spend at home. I get some housework done, take a nice bath, read, and catch up on YouTube and Netflix. The only time I may leave the house on these days will be for a short walk. This isn’t to say that I don’t love adventures, but usually my adventures involve Nigel and we explore and get treats together.

Now yesterday there was a Warehouse sale of a local store I really love, but combined with a few other stores that I really wanted to go to, but Nigel was working. I went back and forth in my head if I should go or just relax at home on my day off, but I decided to make a day of it.

Now I didn’t quite realize how rare it is for me to go on an adventure by myself until I was walking to the bus and could feel a twinge of anxiety in my chest for just going to do something by myself. Sometimes I feel like a am alone a lot, but that is just my regular commute and walking around on my lunch break, aka the opposite of adventurous.

I ended up having the best day ever. I checked out the Warehouse sale and got a few shirts that are perfect for the fall and wandered the community market going on at the same time. I picked up a chai latte and on my bus ride back decided to get off and wander Fort Langley (aka the cutest little town every). While there I picked up the treats that I wanted to get (two scoops of Gelato just for me!), wandered in and out of stores without worrying about someone getting bored waiting for me, and listened to podcasts.

two scoops just for me!

On my walk home I was passing by our community garden so I stopped and picked a whole batch of green beans and the first ripe cucumber.

Even after all this I still had time at home for all the things I usually do alone, but felt more accomplished and I like I had actually done something just for me.

I am now way more inspired to do more solo dates, to take myself out and pick out a treat, to listen to podcasts and wander in a new area with no time to be somewhere or do anything. As someone who doesn’t drive it is good for me to get out and prove to myself that I can get anywhere I need to go and that I don’t have to rely on other people to go exploring.

You don’t need anyone else to explore and go adventuring and it doesn’t need to be big or expensive either. I needed time to myself today, but I was so glad that I got myself out of the house and tried something new.

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