project 333 – summer wrap-up


Today is the last day of August which also means it is the last day of my project 333 challenge. To get caught up in what my project 333 is in how it has been going this summer check out these posts:

Now I have to be honest, this month was definitely the hardest one and the past two weeks have been a countdown to getting to change up my wardrobe a bit. While I did love the clothes that I was wearing this summer I was getting a bit tired of them by the end.

This month I captured what I wore with a combination of what I did in June and July. I drew out all of my clothes and then tallied up what I wore each day. It is always so insightful to see what I wear all of the time, but also what I didn’t or barely wore. At the end of the post I am going to recap the whole experience as well as some of the numbers about what I changed and what I got rid of.

Looking through my clothes I feel like shows how cool of a month August was, I barely wore any dresses at all and I spent a lot of time in jackets and pants which can be seen in the amount of times I wore things. I got a lot of use out of my striped blue shirt that I bought last month as well as my striped plants. I also wore my blazer a lot for work as it really works with all of my work outfits.

There were three items I didn’t wear at all this month which really surprised me. This will definitely be taken into consideration when I am figuring out what I am wanting to get rid of. It is is nice keeping track of what I am wearing so I can really tell what I am not reaching for as well as the things I am wearing a lot.

I am really glad that I tried out project 333 this summer and I feel like it challenged me in a lot of great ways. I feel like I was a lot more creative at the start of the challenge which may be why I was feeling uninspired near the end, but it was really easy to get dressed each morning as there were so few things to chose between.

Where I really struggled was on the weekends. I built my capsule wardrobe with work specifically in mind which meant that on my days off I didn’t have much to wear to just relax in. I found myself wearing my one pair of jeans a lot and there were only a few shirts that I felt worked when I was trying to look casual.

Since this was the end of the project I got rid of a few items that I either never wore, I wore but it didn’t make me feel great, and a dress that has lived its life with me and can now go on to someone else.

Month 3 Recap:

  • New Items: 0
  • Donated Items: 3
  • Removed from Challenge: 0

Total Recap:

  • New Items: 2
  • Donated Items: 4
  • Removed from Challenge: 1

I spent the past two days starting to make my transition to my fall wardrobe. Am I sticking with the capsule wardrobe? You will have to wait for my post about it next week to find out!

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  1. Hi! I just came across this post and what a great idea! I’ve just started a no buy challenge myself… hoping I can stick to it! 😊


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