zero waste in the kitchen

3 thoughts on “zero waste in the kitchen”

  1. Thanks for sharing the message and spreading the word! I hope more people think about waste reduction. I’ve been thinking of making beeswax wraps to cover my food but don’t know if they are effective/safe. Do you know of any alternatives to plastic wrap to cover food?


    1. I have beeswax wraps but i find i don’t use them much. What i do use are thick silicon lids that go on bowls. They seal out air and are great for bowls of all sizes (i got mine at ikea)


  2. Such great suggestions!! I’ve made several of the same changes over the last decade. I think the most impactful has been buying 90% of groceries from the local farmer’s market and reusing the same tote bags. No waste! Recently, we transitioned to Stasher silicone “ziplock” bags and they’re amazing for snacks and pre-cut fruit/veggies. A little pricey, but I would highly recommend.


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