mostly mustard – my fall 2019 wardrobe

If you read my final Project 333 post (see here) you would know that I was getting very tired of my summer capsule wardrobe. I found myself peeking into my fall clothing under the bed a few times, excitedly waiting for when I could switch up my clothes.

On August 31 I couldn’t wait any longer and I pulled out the bins from under the bed and started trying things on.

fall clothes from under the bed

I knew I didn’t want to put anything into my closet that I didn’t completely love so I tried on every single thing that is in my fall (and winter) wardrobe. From there there were a few items that I put in the donation pile. I then put everything out on the bed and looked at what I had and if I had any holes that I needed to fill in my wardrobe.

Once the bins were empty I wiped them out and started packing them up. Over the past week or so I had started doing laundry on my summer clothes once I knew what I wasn’t going to wear so I started to pack away the clean things. There are a few items from my summer wardrobe that I kept in my closet but the majority I packed away until next spring comes around.

Now I did do a little bit of shopping for this fall season. I had one trip to the thrift store where I picked up a new dress, shirt, and vest and I also made a purchase at a local ethical store where I picked up two of the softest shirts I have ever owned that are going to be getting a lot of use out of.

As I was placing the items into my closet I did what I always do which is turn the hangers backwards. When I wear something I then turn the hanger back around and I know what I haven’t worn yet this season when I am looking at it later.

If you look at my fall clothes you can definitely see a pattern, a whole lot of yellow. There are yellows ranging from almost orange, to mustard, to a bright yellow. I also have a few olive green pieces and then the rest are mostly neutral which helps everything else match well.

Now I am not sticking with my project 333 numbers, but I don’t think there are too many items here. I may experiment with another very minimal capsule wardrobe in the winter, but for now these 40 pieces (plus jackets and shoes) work just fine for me.

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