on priorities

I have been learning lately that I can’t do everything. Of course, I knew this before but it has been made very apparent through this month of September. I haven’t written any blog posts in over a week, I really need to clean my bathroom, and my meal planner board is still showing what we ate three weeks ago.

Nigel and I made a commitment to work out more this month, this is something that we have both put on the back burner lately and I wanted to get back into it so on September 1st we went to the community centre and bought monthly passes. We have spent the past few weeks exploring all five gyms that our passes get us into (and rating them of course), getting our sweat on, and even taking some yoga classes (which I haven’t yet convinced Nigel to take with me). While this has been great for both my physical and mental health it has meant that I have lost a lot of the free time that I used to spend on both productive activities (like writing this blog) and less productive (like watching Netflix).

Nigel has also been off for the past few weekends which while I love for getting to spend time with him and getting errands done, there is a special place in my heart for solo weekends. I get the time to both get things done around the house such as laundry, cleaning, and meal planning, but also time to take my Saturday morning baths, write, read, plan, and re-energizing myself. Today is my first day in over a month and I am soaking in the time to myself.

So today is a day to do some of those things that may have slipped by the side for the past few weeks, but also to evaluate what my priorities are. I have been loving going to the gym and not really missing the Netflix, but I do need to figure out how to fit in the things that help me feel more productive such as meal planning, clothes planning, and getting my lunch packed up in the evenings.

Life is busy and we have to chose every day what we want to focus our life on, but today I chose to enjoy the quiet and catch up on my list

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