my fall 2019 bucket list

I love fall.

Even though here in Vancouver that generally means a lot of rain, I love to watch the leaves change colour, the hint of chill in the air, and the abundance of pumpkins. (If I had my way I could probably just live in a pumpkin patch) and I want to do my best to make the most of this season, but first I want to take a look at my last bucket list from the spring (which also stretched into summer).

  1. Explore two new Regional Parks – Partly complete – we explored one new park (which also involved a picnic), but sadly didn’t get to as many as I wanted to
  2. Experiment with spring produce – Complete! We got to try so many different veggies through the past seasons with our CSA box which we still have for another month and I have been loving it. So many great creations were whipped up in our kitchen and it has been a great learning experience
  3. Try and grow my own veggies- Complete! Our garden was a complete experiment from beginning to end, but I am very happy with how it turned out. We did really well with our beans, cucumber, radishes, lettuce, and spinach and our beets and carrots were small, but did grow a bit.
  4. Local Shopping – Complete! I got to explore quite a few new stores locally and found a few that I will be visiting often
  5. Go for a picnic – As said in the first point, we went for a great hike one day and packed a picnic lunch to eat along the way

Now for the fall bucket list:

  1. Go to a weekly yoga class – I have started going to yoga each week and it something that I have really enjoyed putting into my life. It allows me to relax and because the class I take is on a Monday it really sets my week off on a good note
  2. Go on a day/two-day trip – While a big vacation isn’t in the cards right now for us I would love to do something for a night decently local to explore the fall foliage and get to relax a little bit
  3. Buy all the pumpkins! – As I started this post with, I love pumpkins and want to create a nice display at my door with a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes
  4. Go to a farm – I love exploring fall farms including corn mazes, apple trees, pumpkins, etc and I hope to find one I haven’t explored yet to go to
  5. Bring out my favourite fall recipes – I have a few staple recipes that I can’t wait to pull out again (including a delicious butternut squash mac and cheese) – let me know if you would like a blog post about some of these recipes
  6. Do a new 10×10 challenge – after my summer project 333 I haven’t been super strict about my fall wardrobe, but I would like to do a capsule challenge at some point during these fall months
  7. Enjoy the sunny days as much as I can – I want to spend time outside as much as I can this fall so I hope to do some more walks, exploring, and enjoying the days that I can
  8. Find the best chai latte. I really love chai lattes and I would like to test all the coffee shops around to find which store makes the best one (for science, of course)

What is your favourite season? What do you hope to accomplish this fall?

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