doing a digital declutter

Like many people in this world I spend a lot of time around technology and it can get quite overwhelming. The constant in your face and post by people you both know and don’t know.

I have been trying my best to create spaces in my life where I am away from social media and my phone including in my weekly yoga class and doing movie nights where we purposely put our phones in a different room and cuddle up with a movie.

Doing a digital declutter is another way that we can clear some space in our digital lives and make it easier to navigate the space when we do want to engage with it. Here are some of the ways that I have cleaned up my digital space, what are some of the things that you like to do?

Social Media

  1. Unfollow/unfriend people who aren’t serving you whether it is friends that are no longer in your life and you don’t need to be connected or celebrities/influencers who are not bringing you joy
  2. Set limits on your apps to let you know how long you are spending on them each day, or even remove them from your phone completely


  1. Delete apps – clean up apps you no longer use or downloaded once and haven’t opened since
  2. Clean up your home screen – make your home screen a place of rest and not one of clutter
  3. Photos – delete bad photos and maybe the 17 tries it took to take the perfect selfie, organize the rest into albums and perhaps even transfer some to your computer so you can delete them
  4. Turn off notifications – notifications pull us back into our phones, even when we just meant to check the time


  1. Clean up emails – i try and only keep emails that I still have to deal with in my Inbox and either delete or move the rest to folders where they can be organized
  2. Unsubscribe from company emails – instead of deleting the same email every day that you never read, take the 30 seconds to scroll down to the bottom and actually unsubscribe


  1. Close your tabs – I always close all my internet tabs every time I finish using the internet, if you need something for bookmark it, but start each time with a clean slate
  2. Clean up your bookmarks, do you still need a quick way to get to that page or can you get rid of the shortcut to your university email from 6 years ago?
  3. Clean up your files, including ones you never look at such as your downloads folder and even clear our your trash at the end of it all

I am trying to make my phone, computer, and everything that comes with that into a more healthy experience and routinely doing a digital declutter helps with that.

What about you? Have you ever done a digital declutter? What do you do?

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