fall 10×10

It has been an understatement to say that I have been loving my fall wardrobe. I switched over on September 1st and I have worn everything in there already, with a few standout pieces already being worn to death (in a good way).

I wanted to do another 10×10 challenge as it has been a while since I have done one. If you haven’t seen one of my posts before a 10×10 challenge is where you only wear 10 items of clothing for 10 days straight. You can check out some of my old post here:

The key to a successful 10×10 challenge is to make sure that mostly everything can mix and match together. I do this by laying out things on the bed as I am picking which items to wear to make things go together. This time I even went a step further and made a chart of what items go together. Altogether I came up with 15 clothing options, way more than the 10 days that I have to dress for.

Here are the 10 items that I chose for my challenge. I have 4 tops, 1 cardigan, 2 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 1 dress, and 1 pair of boots. I have chosen to not include a jacket in this as since it is fall in Vancouver and I will be living in my rain jacket.

Here are the items that I wore for this 10×10 challenge:

Day 1: Today I wore my rainbow sweater with my ripped jeans. I take all the opportunities I can to wear jeans since I can’t at work. Nice and comfy for a day of church and hanging out at home.

Day 2: Today was a work day and I started with a combination of a beige shirt, my yellow cardigan, and the spotted skirt.

(Sadly this is when the photos end as I could remember to wear the clothes, but not take photos of them)

Day 3: The yellow cardigan got worn twice in a row, but this time it was worn with the black blouse and black slacks for a real pop of colour.

Day 4: Today was a special day as I got to go with Nigel to a food show so I got to dress a bit more casually than I usually do on a weekday. I wore my yellow shirt and my blue jeans.

Day 5: Today I wore the blue striped dress with the yellow cardigan over it. I love this combination and it is definitely very comfortable to wear for work.

Day 6: For a comfy Friday at work I wore my rainbow sweater with the black slacks, dressing up the sweater a little bit.

Day 7: Today was family fall photo day in the leaves so I made sure I was fall like for the photos. I wore my beige shirt, with the yellow cardigan, and my jeans.

Day 8: Today was a day of friends, with going out for tea with a friends, to some of Nigel’s friends coming over for dinner and games in the evening. I paired a combination I regularly wouldn’t, with a work blouse and my jeans.

Day 9: Back to work on Monday and I wore the yellow shirt with the dotted skirt. Not much else to say on that.

Day 10: For this work day I just wore the blue striped dress by itself. This was another work day and then we went out for Nigel’s birthday with some friends.

Here are my two planning pages that I used. On the first on I wrote down the 10 items of clothing that I was wearing and assigned each one a number. On the second page I brainstormed a whole bunch of outfit combinations that I could wear over the next few days. As you can see I ended up coming up with 17, almost double the amount of days I was wearing these items.

This helped my a lot in the morning in coming up with outfits as I had a bunch all planned out for me. I could also see what I had already worn in the challenge.

Overall this was probably my easiest 10×10 challenge yet. I found that I never really got tired of the items at all as there were so many different combinations of outfits.

The only thing I got slightly tired of was my black boots as they were my only footwear, and I have two other pairs of fall boots, but I stuck with them for the 10 days.

The only change that I did make was that I didn’t wear my rainjacket every day. It was a very cool, dry October here in Vancouver so I did change that jacket to my longer, warmer jacket for some days.

Have you ever done a 10×10 or similar outfit challenge? How did you find it?

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