two years blogging – thoughts, feelings, and my 2020 goals

We have officially passed the two year anniversary of this blog and I have no idea where the time has gone. Two years of pouring my heart and words into these (web) pages and I have certainly learned a lot along the way.

I wrote a post about the first year anniversary last year (which you can read here) and I wrote some goals in it. Let’s see how I did on those:

  1. Reach 250 Followers
    DONE! As of this blog post I have 280 followers on WordPress which I am very happy with. I didn’t set out on this journey to become famous, but I love that there are people who enjoy reading what I write about
  2. Collaborate more with other bloggers
    So this didn’t really happen at all, but maybe in the upcoming year I can put more time into this
  3. Work on my photography skills
    While I am still taking all my photos on my phone, I had spent more time editing photos as well as creating banners for my blog posts on Canva which has spruced things up a little bit
  4. Branch out into more topics
    This has definitely happened and it has been fun to talk more about food, yoga, sustainability, and more
  5. Keep working on my capsule wardrobe and decluttering series
    While I have paused my declutter series for now (though I feel like I will have more to write on that in the future) I am so happy with my capsule wardrobe posts, even completing a project 333 this summer

Now for some stats from the past year:

2019 Stats

  • Blog Posts: 85
  • Followers: 154
  • Visitors: 3,531
  • Views: 5,809
  • Likes: 952
  • Comments: 67
  • Total Words: 46,971

Top Posts

2020 Goals

  1. 400 WordPress Followers
  2. Actually Collaborate with other Bloggers
  3. Work on my social media presence
  4. Do more home decor blogs and blogs about sustainability/zero waste
  5. To keep enjoying what I am doing

Thank you again to all of you that read and enjoy this blog. I love getting to write it for you and for me.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey 👋 your blog is fab! Growth takes time doesn’t it but it’s nice to know people are reading your content so I thought I would just stop by and comment! I need to connect more with other bloggers to! X


  2. Congratulations on two years of blogging! I love using Canva – I have zero design skills, and Canva is so, so useful. 🙂


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