2020 goals


The world has different opinions on New Year’s resolutions; either you are in the camp that make them every year and need to wait till January 1st in order to start anything, or you think they are stupid, either because you start something whenever you need to, or that you think resolutions are stupid in general.

I personally love the start of a new year, and in this case the start of a new decade. Though I know you can start your goals at any point during the year, starting something on the first gives such a nice beginning to it all.

So without further ado here are my goals for #2020:

  1. Consistency – I want to focus this year on finishing the things that I start and making great habits throughout my life whether that is working out, meal planning, or anything else
  2. Take time to relax – Over the past few months I have really found solace in my weekly yoga class and found that it has done well for my mental health. I want to make sure that I keep making space in my life for relaxing and taking care of my mental health
  3. Open up my home – Nigel and I will be moving into our own home this upcoming month and while my brain has been filled with furniture and paint colours, more than anything I am excited to have people over and fill it up with the people that I love. It is our goal to have monthly open houses and I am excited to get those started
  4. Cook more – Early in our marriage I did most of the cooking, but with how our schedules have changed I rarely cook and when I do it is easy stuff on the weekend. I want to put more effort into the things that I make in 2020 whether that is doing better with my planning, making more ahead, and planning better meals for the weekend
  5. Read – now this won’t be surprising to people, but what may be surprising is that I am not setting myself a lofty goal. I don’t want to feel like I have to read a certain number of books to be successful. I want to read what I want to read and when I want to read it.
  6. Continuation – There are goals that I have started in the past such as my journey to be more vegetarian, to work towards a more zero waste lifestyle, and to get rid of the things in my life that are not serving me. I would like to continue with these previous goals and continue on an upward trajectory with these items.

Are you a person who likes to make goals? If so what are some of your goals for 2020?

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  1. Amy Smith says:

    We cook all of the time in our house. I absolutely love it! It gives us more control over what is actually going in our body. 🙂 Cutting down on our waste is also one of my goals for this year. Which will also help with not buying stuff I don’t need. LOL. Congrats on getting your new home!! Happy for you. 🙂


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