expectations vs. reality

Expectation. That is such a strong word isn’t it? I am definitely guilty of having too high of expectations and last week was no exception.

Last week was moving week and I had a plan. We had a full week where we could be in both places which gave us tons of time to paint and prep the new place, move, and then clean the new place. I booked the week off of work and I had help from family. I had a good start on packing and was all ready for a great week where I would be completely unpacked and ready to go by the time I went back to work. And then…

  • I found out I had training for a new job that I couldn’t get out of for almost the entire week
  • Nigel got sick, and then I got sick
  • The last bits of packing got done in a hurry and I couldn’t clean things as well as I would have liked
  • I was away for a lot of the painting and prepping of the new place
  • Nigel and I barely saw each other and when we did we were both too sick to talk or rest or enjoy the moments
  • The days I thought I would have to say goodbye to our home of the past almost two years didn’t happen
  • And I barely had a moment to catch my breath

Nigel and I turned to each other at one point expressing disappointment in the week and what we imagined it could have been. Our plans seems like they all were turned around and were dashed to pieces and honestly we felt disconnected.

I went back to work yesterday and there are still boxes stacked in the den, the laundry room that I originally wanted to complete wasn’t even touched, and I am still working on the transition in my mind, but we are here.

Nigel and I have spent the last week in our new home. We painted the walls colours that reflected us and the home is starting to fill with the things that we love. My parents helped out more than I even imagined I would, even helping me to scrub out the kitchen of the old place and vacuuming the cavern that was the couch. While I wasn’t involved as much as I wanted to be I got to come home to a home that seemed more and more like mine every day.

And I did get my final moments in the old place. Staring at the empty space that we had made our home was good. I got my goodbye moment even if it wasn’t as long or deliberate as I may have hoped.

Expectations can be good as they can help us reach for something good and important, but they can also let us down. Last week felt like a failure at certain times because it wasn’t going as I had originally planned, but now looking back it didn’t need to be. As I write this Nigel is sleeping beside me, we are in our home, and the boxes and decorating will happen when they need to.

So maybe re-evaluate some of your current expectations in your life and enjoy the moments and where life is taking you.

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