morning rhythms

I recently listened to a podcast all about the differences between routines and rhythms and while routines are thought of to be more rigid and have to be followed, rhythms are the practices we want to follow that help to focus our day and give moments of peace.

My weekday and weekend mornings currently look very different, but there are still some rhythms that I try to incorporate into the early mornings as well as the more relaxed ones. Having set little rhythms that I can bring into the beginnings of my days help to make the day a bit better.

Here are some of the little rhythms that I do in the morning. Weekdays may only have one or two of these before I rush off to work, but on the weekends I try and do as many as I can.

  1. Turn on the fireplace and sit by the warmth
  2. Put a bright scent into the diffuser (such as mandarin, grapefruit, or ginger)
  3. Do my daily bible reading
  4. Make a cup of tea
  5. Have a hot bath (or shower)
  6. Stretch or do yoga
  7. Look at my planner
  8. Write a blog post
  9. Do a face mask
  10. Read a book

Picking a few of these things to do each morning does have a drastic effect on my mood and my productivity throughout the rest of the day. Whether it is just a few minutes squeezed into a hectic early morning or can take a few hours on a Saturday that I am home alone the more I spend doing these rhythms the more I feel like myself.

Do you have any morning (or evening) rhythms that you try and incorporate into your daily life? Let me know in the comments below!

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