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I have been a homeowner for just over a month now, and it is getting to the point that it is starting to really feel like home. Bit by bit the rooms are coming together and I am starting to feel like it is really mine.

I knew I wanted to share my home with the world and while we aren’t quite ready to start our open houses (the goal is april aka when we will hopefully have a fully functional second bathroom) I figured I would start room by room as we complete them and share what we have done, our DIYs and where we bought what we did.

I am starting today with our master bedroom, the first room that I feel is mostly complete. This room (like every other room in the house) started out a brown-y beige colour that neither of us liked, but it is a nice size plus has a really big window that looks out into a ravine.

Master bedroom as viewed from the doorway

Since starting to plan our paint colours I knew that I really loved the dramatic look of a navy blue so we brought it into the bedroom, as well as the kitchen/dining room (which you will see at a later date). The colour we chose is Behr Royal Navy which we painted the back wall as well as the wall with the big window.

The other two walls are our neutral colour, Behr Evening White which looks more blue or more grey depending on the lighting.

Our bed is the Trysil bed from Ikea, with matching nightstands. The comforter is from our first week as a married couple from Costco where we made one of the best decisions ever. We chose to get a King comforter for our Queen bed so that the blanket stealer in the household (me) can’t steal all of the comforter. The afghan was made by my grandma and I love the brightness that it brings to the room.

front view of bed

Above the bed is a beautiful piece of art that we found at a store called, At Home. It is wooden with mirrored pieces in the middle. Our small wooden lamps are from Target and are the perfect size for a small nightstand.

Wall with dresser

This is the wall directly across from the bed. It is the evening white colour and is a nice contrast with the dark dresser. It is the Koppang dresser from Ikea, but we spray painted the handles a copper colour instead of the black that they came as. We are really happy with this decision and I love the look that they give.

The mirror is also from Ikea and the artwork around them are printed versions of our vows that I got made for our first anniversary. The dresser contains my makeup collection and is where I get ready each morning.

Wall with Window

This window and view is one of my favourite things about this room. The blinds that were installed we eventually want to replace because they are a floral pattern that we don’t love, but they are mostly hidden behind the curtains (also from Ikea that we hemmed to fit the height). The piece of art on this wall is a star map of our wedding location.

Andrea’s side of the bed

My side of the bed has an additional full length mirror that also opens up to hold all of my jewelry. My dad made this for me back when I lived at home and I am so happy to have it back in my life again.

To the right is the entrance to our walk through closet and bathroom which I will show in my next home blog.

ceiling fan

We replaced the broken (and ugly) ceiling fan with a simple yet nice one from Home Depot.

So there is our bedroom. I love how cozy and ours it feels and I love that there is one room that I am very content with. I can’t wait to bring you through the rest of my home as I finish working through it.

Do you like decorating and home design?

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  1. judithus says:

    Painting the fan it’s such a good idea!
    Btw, I don’t mean to spam but I made a post about bedroom ideas, in case you want to check it out here’s the link: 🙂


    1. Andrea says:

      I checked it out, lots of great ideas there! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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