social distancing


social distancing – a phrase I never heard before a few weeks ago and now it is the word on everyone’s lips. Taking time to be away from the world – not for my own health, but for the health of the people I love and my community isn’t always that road that is most commonly taken.


Do you need to be out? No? Stay Home

Are you required to leave your house for work or essential necessities? No? Stay Home

Do you know anyone in your life who may be old, young, sick, immunocompromised, or that you don’t want to die? Yes? Stay Home

Now we are generally social people, we like being around people and being in large groups whether that is at a concert, church, sports games, or movie theatre. But now many of those spaces are no longer available to us, and for good reason. This is a social issue, but what to do when we are more socially isolated?

Now for some of us introverts having more time to read, blog, garden, clean, and bring out my spring clothing is exciting. I don’t mind staying at home and being more relaxed, but I know that many people (including my husband) will find this harder. Here are some of the ways to still be connected while being socially isolated:

  1. Call, Skype, Text your friends
  2. Have solo movie watching parties – everyone watches the same movies on Netflix or Disney or Hulu at the same time and have a great group chat going
  3. Go for a walk – spring is finally here and the weather is better, go and enjoy and go for a walk, maybe with a trusted friend, or phone a friend and talk to them
  4. Take the time to work on that hobby you have been putting off – those pictures you have been wanting to scrapbook, learning to crochet, getting back into the guitar
  5. Check in on your neighbours – this is especially important if they are elderly or sick and may not be able to go out and get necessities

This morning is my first morning of being at home. I have my laptop with me and have to get work done all the same, but I am at home. I will head to my other job in an empty library on the weekend, but for the next three days I will only be here. The weather is nice so I hope to get out for a walk and spend some time in the sun, maybe put up the peel and stick wallpaper in the laundry room, or bake some cookies.

This can be a time of anxiety and fear and it is okay to be feeling those feelings (I know I am), but it is also time to take time to be still, to be safe, and to stay home.

So feel free to message or call me if you need some social interaction over the internet, and take care of your self. Because by doing that you will also be taking care of others.

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  1. I’m in self isolation cos I’m in an at risk category… and it’s just so frightening isn’t it. Anxiety levels all over the place. Much love to you and your family. I hope we will all come out the other side of this whenever that may be <333


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